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11 Nov 2011 11:13


World: The world’s youngest island: Born kinda like a wittle baby!

  • More island for your buck: Due to recent underwater volcano activity, another Canary Island has been added to the chain. Islanders are already trying to think up names for the new piece of land, built from magma that spewed over 65 feet high. On Saturday, the area was hit by a 4.3-magnitude earthquake, which is when the underwater volcano started erupting. What would you name the new island? Does it have to be a bird? Tweety Island would be too obvious, right? source

07 Nov 2010 10:44


World: Indonesia’s erupting Mount Merapi not calming down anytime soon

  • 156 people have been killed by Mount Merapi’s massive eruption since October 26
  • 12.4 number of miles the volcano’s danger zone extends; ash has killed some living miles away
  • 200k people have been displaced by the volcano’s 3.7-mile-high wrath source

28 Oct 2010 09:50


World: An update on Indonesia’s deadly twin disasters

  • 34people killed by Tuesday’s eruption; it erupted again, too
  • 343 people confirmed dead in the massive tsunami in Indonesia
  • 338 people still missing; officials fear as many as 500 could be dead
  • 16k people displaced by the tsunami, which created 10-foot waves source

29 Aug 2010 11:08


World: Sumatra volcano erupts in Indonesia, affecting thousands

  • 400number of years since the Mount Sinabung last erupted
  • 1,500number of meters ash flew into the air during the eruption
  • 12knumber of residents who were forced from their homes source

09 May 2010 11:59


World: #(&@(&! volcano: Iceland’s ash causing more airline problems

Italy, Spain and Scotland, among others, have had to shut down their airspace as a result of Iceland’s continuing ash problems. source

27 Apr 2010 11:22


World: The final tally: Iceland’s volcanoes and the resulting financial cost

  • 10
    number of people who
    couldn’t fly for six days as a result of the clouds of volcanic ash
  • $3.3
    the amount this will cost
    the airline companies, according
    to estimates source
  • » Who foots the bill?: It’s inevitable that refunds (or worse, lawsuits) will come out of this whole situation, and EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas says that the airlines should foot the bill and keep in mind the rights of consumers, but maybe with the help of European governments to soften the massive blow. Thanks again for nothing, Iceland!

19 Apr 2010 10:24


World: Iceland to Europe: We swear, we don’t mean to cause drama

  • It seems we’re getting pretty good at exporting our disasters. I think people might get funny ideas about Iceland. … We’re not to blame for an eruption.
  • Icelandic political commentator Egill Helgason • Regarding the country nicked by multiple crises in the last couple of years – crises that have hit Europe as hard as the tiny island. The country, however, has reason to feel a bit of relief about the volcano. Despite its continent-grounding air drama, the country itself isn’t affected by it too much. Flights are even getting out of the capital, no problem. Maybe we should hate Iceland. source

18 Apr 2010 21:36


Tech, World: Norway’s Prime Minister currently running country with an iPad

  • We want a leader this awesome. While some countries like Israel act like the iPad is the next coming of the black plague, Norway Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (who’s been stuck in New York City because of the volcano and the airline kerfluffle it’s created) has been using one to RUN A FREAKING COUNTRY. We’d like to see Obama do this. source

18 Apr 2010 20:37


World: In Europe, airlines want to work around that #(&#(&@ volcano

  • 63,000 number of flights that have been canceled since Thursday
  • half number of flights airline officials hope to get in the air tomorrow source

18 Apr 2010 10:21


World: How bad is the Iceland volcano crisis for airline travel, anyway?

  • $200 million in losses for the airlines daily source
  • » Side effects: If the delays stretch out for weeks, not just days, experts say that the crisis could start having major side effects on the economy, such as factory supply chains. The volcano is showing no signs of letting up, by the way, and in fact may be intensifying today.