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13 Oct 2009 09:58


U.S.: Arnold Schwartzenegger’s approval nearing Gray Davis’. Really.

  • 22% Gray Davis’ approval rating at the time that Arnold Schwartzenegger was elected in a recall
  • 27% Arnold Schwartzenegger’s current approval rating; he’s nearing Planet Hollywood in popularity source

01 Oct 2009 20:40


U.S.: Support for legal abortion – no matter the situation – is falling fast

  • 47% of respondents say abortions should be legal in all or most cases; that number is down significantly, from 54% last year
  • 45% of respondents say abortion shouldn’t be legal in all or most cases; that number is up from 45% last year source

02 Aug 2009 11:25


Culture, World: Kevin Costner: Nearly crushed by a falling stage in Alberta

It sounds like a Kevin Costner movie plot: His band was scheduled to be on the stage next. Instead, one person was killed and 15 were hurt in the stage collapse. source

01 Jul 2009 22:51


Offbeat: When in Chicago, check out the Sears (don’t look down) Tower

It’s a good thing that glass is really thick, or we’d have to worry about this cute little girl falling 103 stories. source

12 May 2009 09:20


Tech, U.S.: The trend towards flat-screen TVs is hurting children – literally

  • 17,000 kids were sent to the emergency room in 2007 after being injured by falling furniture
  • 47% of the falling objects were televisions – a trend increasing thanks to massive flat-screen TVs source

27 Mar 2009 19:58


Culture, Politics: CNN isn’t doing so hot in primetime right now; MSNBC is

  • +30% increase in MSNBC’s prime-time ratings helped largely by kingpin Keith Olbermann; they’re now in second place, ahead of CNN (Fox News is still way atop the heap)
  • +1% increase in CNN’s prime-time ratings in the same period; annoying ugly woman Nancy Grace on sister network Headline News routinely trumps CNN right now source

02 Mar 2009 10:23


U.S.: The Dow’s doing particularly bad this morning

  • 6,969 its number minutes into trading; no jokes, OK? source

24 Feb 2009 10:54


U.S.: The market comes crashing down – hard – on houses

  • 18% tumbles in home prices during the fourth quarter of 2008 – the largest decline in the survey’s 21-year history
  • 40% dives from their market peaks in some markets, including San Francisco, Miami, Phoenix and Las Vegas source

02 Feb 2009 01:23


Biz, U.S.: Sky-high rents in NYC aren’t looking so sky-high anymore

  • We had a truly un-New York experience with our old landlord begging us to stay.
  • Tom Botts • a 39-year-old New York City resident who found a drastically different landscape for renting when he and his wife, Libbie Rice, went apartment-hunting. Deals were all over the place, and his old landlord even offered to cut the rent if they stayed. Tenants like Botts are finding significant deals, even free months of rent, in a recession-belabored market. • source