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14 Sep 2010 09:24


U.S.: Scary: MegaBus plows into bridge lower than bus, kills 4

Need a good reason to never take one of those ultra-cheap double-decker buses, East Coasters? Their drivers don’t account for short bridges. Yikes. source

03 Aug 2010 00:00


Biz: Newsweek’s sale was for a bargain-basement price (and lots of debt)

  • $1 the amount Sidney Harman will pay the Post for Newsweek
  • $70M the amount of debt Harman will take on in exchange for the price
  • 250 the number of the mag’s 325 employees Harman will keep source

23 Jul 2010 17:24


Tech: One Laptop Per Child = Old news, thanks to India’s ultra-cheap tablet

  • 1,500 rupees the cost of the Linux-based tablet prototype they showed off
  • $35 dollars the amount that is in American dollars (in other words, cheap!) source

25 Apr 2010 20:43


Tech: Spammers resort to outsourcing their blogspam CAPTCHAs

  • 80¢ the starting rate for doing 1,000 CAPTCHAs source

07 Sep 2009 11:22


Tech: Asus’ new Eee eBook reader is not only fawnworthy, but cheap

It’s dual-screen AND it’s going to sell for less than $200. We’re gonna buy two so that we can surround ourselves with the Internet at all times. source

06 Jul 2009 13:01


Tech: Sprint offers a netbook that costs as much as a candy bar

  • 99¢ but with many two-year contractual strings attached source

20 May 2009 08:44


Biz: Now’s a pretty good time to buy Bank of America stock

  • 825 million number of shares the banking company is putting up for sale
  • $10 apiece the cost of a single share – that’s below current market value source

13 May 2009 20:46


U.S.: The pilots in the Buffalo crash may as well have been slaves

  • $16,254 a year the amount co-pilot Rebecca Shaw made; she once had to augment the job with part-time work at a coffee shop in our former home town of Norfolk, Va. (please don’t be Fair Grounds … Yikes!)
  • 2,800 miles the length of Shaw’s commute; she lived with her parents in Seattle (probably because she was broke) but worked out of Newark, N.J. She often slept on couches in her crappy company’s pilot’s lounge source

10 May 2009 13:53


Biz, World: India’s Tata to offer cheap housing to go with your cheap car

  • $2,000 cost of the ultra-cheap Nano car, which drew lots of buzz earlier this year
  • $7,800 lowest cost of ultra-cheap Nano homes, which will be tiny, but very affordable source

01 May 2009 19:24


Tech: Boost Mobile’s customer’s aren’t getting much of a boost

  • cause Boost Mobile, in response to the cruddy economy, created a $50 no-contract unlimited plan that’s proved to be very, very popular for broke people.
  • effect It’s so popular, in fact, that many users of the service are complaining about slow text messaging. The influx of new users are to blame. source