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22 Feb 2012 22:45


Tech: Open-source fans, here you go: Ubuntu for Android ahoy!

  • After months of rumors, Canonical has unveiled Ubuntu for Android, a version of the ultra-popular Ubuntu Linux kernel that boots from Android mobile devices. We’ll let the video do the rest of the talking. source

23 Jul 2010 17:24


Tech: One Laptop Per Child = Old news, thanks to India’s ultra-cheap tablet

  • 1,500 rupees the cost of the Linux-based tablet prototype they showed off
  • $35 dollars the amount that is in American dollars (in other words, cheap!) source

01 Jun 2010 10:41


Tech: These colorful blocks represent the fastest supercomputers

  • This may be one of the coolest infographics we’ve ever seen. This interactive work splits the relative speed of a bunch of supercomputers up a number of ways – by speed, by OS, by country – and looks awesome. Linux pretty much owns this market, by the way, and IBM and Intel have their fingers in the mix the most, although AMD, HP and Cray hold their own. source

31 May 2010 23:36


Tech: Google on Windows: That’s nasty, use OSX or Linux instead

  • nope Reportedly, new Google employees won’t be able to use Windows as one of their OS options anymore; it’s just Mac and Linux.
  • why? Blame it on security concerns in the wake of Google’s whole hack thang with China that happened a few months ago. source
  • » The real question: How many of their employees are holdouts working on Amiga or BeOS? Really, we want to know. If this is a company of nerds, there has to be at least one.

21 Jan 2010 23:54


Tech: Linux keeps getting bigger, and big business is largely the reason

  • 7,000 lines of code get added to the Linux monster daily, says some nerd who actually studied this
  • 75% of all code was put in by commercial developers like IBM, Red Hat and Intel source

05 Jun 2009 12:34


Tech: Livin’ on the wild side: Google Chrome hits Mac & Linux, kinda

  • It’s not ready yet. But that didn’t stop us. Despite the warnings of instability and incomplete features, that was not enough to stop us, and we’re sure hundreds of other nerds, from downloading a pre-beta build of the long-awaited Google Chrome ports. Google warned us: “Whatever you do, please DON’T DOWNLOAD THEM! Unless of course you are a developer or take great pleasure in incomplete, unpredictable, and potentially crashing software.” But we didn’t listen. It’s super-fast but it doesn’t play YouTube videos yet. Oooh, edgy. source

27 Apr 2009 12:06


Politics, Tech: Free software fanatic Richard Stallman is insane, by the way

  • Proprietary software is a social problem, and our aim is to put an end to it. Free software is sometimes more powerful and reliable, but what concerns us most is that it is a more ethical way to distribute software.
  • Free Software Foundation founder and president Richard Stallman • On the “problem” of proprietary, copyrighted software. Why is he so hardcore about free? Well, as he says, “If you don’t have that freedom, the program controls you.” He’s like the Internet version of a crazy cat lady. • source

11 Jan 2009 13:27


Tech: Thoughts on open source from the guy behind Ubuntu

  • Are we creating world peace or fundamentally changing the world? No. But we could shift what people expect and the amount of innovation per dollar they expect.
  • Mark Shuttleworth • the main evangelist behind Ubuntu Linux, the most popular version of the open-source operating system. Shuttleworth hopes to turn it into a popular, viable option against Microsoft Windows. • source