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09 Sep 2010 10:19


Cats!: IKEA + Cats = Your Living Room (and also this cool ad)

  • Ad people get to have more fun than you. See, a British ad firm working for IKEA got to fill one of their stores with a bunch of cats and tape it. Can you believe that this is someone’s job?Awww. (Thanks Andrew Ottoson) source

18 Apr 2010 10:48


Culture: “SNL” nails the, uh, appeal of the “Shake Weight” commercial

  • Somehow, they made it dirtier. Last night’s “SNL” had a spot-on parody of the infamous “Shake Weight” commercial, an exercise device that looks like, uh, something else. The sketch show’s angle? The commercial is so good that they might as well sell it on DVD.

17 Apr 2010 12:10


Culture: False advertising: Your Nike shoes won’t be as awesome as these

  • Unfortunately, the blurb that goes with this Nike commercial gives some devastating news: “The NIKE FREE RUN+ is absolutely a running shoe. Shoes sold at retail will NOT make music when bent or twisted.” So, don’t get your hopes up that your shoes can double as a beat machine.

31 Mar 2010 11:18


Tech: We have an urge to play Mega Man all of a sudden

  • If you’re gonna go retro, might as well go full-tilt. Back in the dark ages of video games, Mega Man was king – and his style of gaming was all but ignored for years, in an attempt to making gaming more complicated. But a couple of years ago, they decided to go full retro again with Mega Man 9, and now with the new Mega Man 10, they’ve decided to create a commercial to match. We’re gonna eat some Legend of Zelda cereal now. source

22 Mar 2010 19:54


Tech: Virgin Galactic test flight: Well it’s not a galactic virgin anymore!

Richard Branson’s spaceship didn’t go into space on its airplane-aided journey, but it’s a huge step for the for-profit space program, which starts in 2012. source

07 Mar 2010 23:12


Culture: Speaking of the iPad, this Doritos parody is completely perfect

  • Check out the names. The first two are phonetic riffs on Apple’s Phil Schiller and Jony Ive, and the clip is pretty much amazing. At its core? Great marketing.

21 Jan 2010 23:54


Tech: Linux keeps getting bigger, and big business is largely the reason

  • 7,000 lines of code get added to the Linux monster daily, says some nerd who actually studied this
  • 75% of all code was put in by commercial developers like IBM, Red Hat and Intel source

06 Jan 2010 11:56


Culture: KFC’s Aussie branch treads fine line between chicken and racism

  • Bad advertising idea No. 1: “Stuck in a situation where you’re surrounded by black/West Indian people? Just offer them chicken and everything will be OK!” KFC, as you might guess, is getting a firestorm of controversy for this Australian ad. Ouch. source

18 Nov 2009 21:57


Tech: AT&T doesn’t win their Verizon lawsuit, hits back with the Frat Pack

  • So, as you might’ve guessed, AT&T’s lawsuit against Verizon went nowhere today – the company whose name starts with a V gets to continue to run their ads. But that’s oh-kay, because they got Luke Wilson. Hi Luke! How’s Owen? source

08 Sep 2009 23:28


U.S., World: Fast food in Iraq: Jared approves of this military operation

The crass, commercial amenities of retail followed the soldiers to Iraq, so minus the bombings, the bases kinda feel like home. Kinda. source