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21 Feb 2012 00:41


Culture: Comeback trail: Lindsay Lohan’s “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig

  • Set your DVRs now: Although she hasn’t been on the show since 2006 (when her personal problems started affecting her work), Lindsay Lohan will host “Saturday Night Live” for the fourth time on March 3. Could this be her first step back into acting? She hasn’t made a movie since 2010’s “Machete,” but based on their recent tweets, Lohan and her mother are both excited about this being a real corner-turning opportunity for the 25-year-old. Hopefully this won’t be as terrible as it could be. The musical guest will be Jack White, after all. source

19 Dec 2010 21:40


Culture: SNL’s clever rip on Time’s “Person of the Year” pick really insightful

  • We missed SNL last night, but we have to say that this clip really says a lot about the Time Person of the Year situation. While making Julian Assange look as creepy as possible, SNL gets a lot of jabs in at the oddity of Time picking a boring guy who runs a company that gives away your private data vs. an endlessly fascinating dude who tries to reveal corruption. Well-played, SNL.

24 Oct 2010 13:10


Culture: Dear SNL: Why isn’t Jay Pharoah playing your Obama yet?

  • Great SNL clip, one that pretty much perfectly nails Obama’s get-out-the-vote conundrum. Problem is, it’s kinda, well, sad that Jay Pharoah, who has a very good Obama parody, is still being forced to play bit character while Fred Armisen’s mediocre Obama takes center stage. In this clip, Pharaoh is literally standing behind him. source

22 Aug 2010 00:50


Culture: Thanks Betty White: “Saturday Night Live” having Emmy renaissance

  • five the number of Emmys Betty White, a young 88 years old, has won – including one for “SNL”
  • three the number of Creative Arts Emmys creatively-peaking “Saturday Night Live” won this year
  • 12 the number of Emmys SNL is nominated for this year; they’ve won 28 since 1976 source

09 May 2010 20:45


Culture: Well, duh: Betty White was a major ratings win for “SNL”

  • 8.8 the sketch show’s rating last night, its highest since November 2008
  • 88 the age of Betty White; we’re pretty sure that’s no coincidence source

09 May 2010 10:30


Culture: The Betty White “Saturday Night Live” episode: Full of win

  • Her one-liners are pretty priceless. How did the 88-year-old Betty White get on “SNL” anyway? Facebook, of course. She gives the site lots of credit, but gets in a lot of ribbing in the process. “In my day, seeing pictures of people’s vacations was considered a punishment.” Many of the sketches this time were pretty stellar.

18 Apr 2010 10:48


Culture: “SNL” nails the, uh, appeal of the “Shake Weight” commercial

  • Somehow, they made it dirtier. Last night’s “SNL” had a spot-on parody of the infamous “Shake Weight” commercial, an exercise device that looks like, uh, something else. The sketch show’s angle? The commercial is so good that they might as well sell it on DVD.

11 Apr 2010 12:16


Politics: SNL reimagines Sarah Palin as Oprah, the network

  • If Sarah Palin had a cable network like this SNL performance suggests, it’d be great, because then we could completely avoid watching her.

08 Mar 2010 20:48


Culture: Dear Betty White: We’re glad you’re hitting “SNL” soon

The most prominent/alive of the four Golden Girls (sorry, Rue) has agreed to appear on an episode. Thanks, Facebook campaign! source

08 Feb 2010 22:10


Politics: Andy Samberg as Rahm Emanuel > Fred Armisen as Obama

  • “Poke me again and I will write #@*& on your wall so obscene, your computer will cry!” This clip from SNL over the weekend has been getting lots of buzz for Andy Samberg’s reportedly pitch-perfect parody of Rahm Emanuel. And the completely awesome, buzz-defusing quips against Sarah Palin.