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27 Jan 2011 18:46


U.S.: Who’s this Jay Carney dude? A wasted opportunity, that’s who.

  • We have no clue who this Jay Carney loser is. But we don’t like him. He looks like a square whose nose doesn’t completely fit on his face. We had a lot of hopes and dreams about helping the Obama administration on its long road towards triangulation, but now, the dream is dead. This loser, who once worked at some lame-ass publication that nobody’s ever heard of called “Time”, used to be Biden’s press secretary before they moved him over to Obama’s job. Had he kept said job, we would’ve been totally cool with him. But, now, Jay, it’s war. You’re about as suited to this job as Jim Varney would’ve been. You guys have phonetically similar names. That’s not a coincidence. Like Mr. Varney, you will be considered a laughingstock in your industry. And we’ll be sitting over here, waiting for you to fall down, ready to gain what is rightfully ours. source

19 Dec 2010 21:40


Culture: SNL’s clever rip on Time’s “Person of the Year” pick really insightful

  • We missed SNL last night, but we have to say that this clip really says a lot about the Time Person of the Year situation. While making Julian Assange look as creepy as possible, SNL gets a lot of jabs in at the oddity of Time picking a boring guy who runs a company that gives away your private data vs. an endlessly fascinating dude who tries to reveal corruption. Well-played, SNL.

15 Dec 2010 10:24


Culture: Who did Zuckerberg beat out to become Time’s “Person of the Year”?

14 Dec 2010 10:16


World: Julian Assange makes first statement since being jailed last week

  • My convictions are unfaltering. I remain true to the ideals I have expressed. This circumstance shall not shake them. If anything, this process has increased my determination that they are true and correct.
  • Julian Assange • In a statement to his mother Christine while incarcerated in a British prison – his first since being jailed last week. There’s a lot of Assange news today: First, Assange is offering to wear a tracking device in hopes that will allow him to stay free and continue his work with Wikileaks. Second, he apparently has gotten none of his mail (including numerous fan letters) since being imprisoned – except a note telling him that his copy of “Time” was destroyed because his face was on the cover.  Finally, his mom, Christine, has some not-nice things to say about the Australian government. “There’s Julia Gillard opening for Oprah …  and my Julian is sitting here in prison,” she says. “Is it more important to suck up to the Yanks than to look after your own people?” Are you sure that wasn’t Tilda Swinton, Christine? source

02 Aug 2010 23:47


Biz: Newsweek bought by a guy who knows something about white noise

  • A stereo tycoon will now own Newsweek. The Washington Post Company, in an effort to get rid of deadwood, tried selling their long-standing Time adversary, Newsweek, and tonight, word’s leaked out that they succeeded. And what better choice for a new boss than 91-year-old Sidney Harman, a stereo company owner who we’re ensured doesn’t have a tin ear. His plans for the product include amplification of online content, noise-cancellation of the editorial pages, and finding the right pitch for a publication that has struggled of late to find its way. Newsweek will be singing a new tune after tonight! source

05 Jun 2010 19:05


Politics: WTF Time Magazine? Shell advertising on oil spill articles

  • Not to criticize Time two weeks in a row, but COME ON. Why are you letting Shell advertise on pages adjacent to stories about the oil spill? The ads are huge, and there’s more than one style of them (keep reloading). Totally not ethical in light of the spill. Look, this whole situation is awful all around – don’t get us wrong – but this kind of schadenfreude advertising isn’t helping anyone. Least of all Shell, who just a few weeks ago was on the hot seat for after an Amnesty International anti-Shell ad was pulled from an issue of the Financial Times. Bad form, Shell. source

30 May 2010 16:58


Politics: Is oil “Obama’s Katrina” or “Bush’s 2nd Katrina”? An interesting take

  • Pretty interesting to look at it this way, right? Time’s Joe Klein was on “The Chris Matthews Show” throwing out this theory. Simply put, A strong deregulatory vibe during the Bush administration may have tied Obama’s hands, making him look weak despite the effort he may in fact be putting in a lot of energy behind the scenes. Still a political problem, though, no matter how you look at it. In other news, BP fully admits that the well could be leaking until AUGUST. That’s right, AUGUST. source

16 Dec 2009 09:57


16 Dec 2009 09:40


Politics: Ben Bernanke? Time’s Person of the Year pick doesn’t impress us

  • How worthy is this choice? We realize why some might consider the choice of the Federal Reserve Chair just, but we argue even if you’re gonna go that route, Timothy Geithner and numerous CEOs have claim on this mantle. It’s an iffy choice at best. source


26 Nov 2009 16:09


Offbeat: We’re thankful for this really intriguing Time Magazine article on pie

This article, which ran last year, tells us more about pie in a few hundred words than most books about pie could tell us in tens of thousands. source