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02 Aug 2010 23:47


Biz: Newsweek bought by a guy who knows something about white noise

  • A stereo tycoon will now own Newsweek. The Washington Post Company, in an effort to get rid of deadwood, tried selling their long-standing Time adversary, Newsweek, and tonight, word’s leaked out that they succeeded. And what better choice for a new boss than 91-year-old Sidney Harman, a stereo company owner who we’re ensured doesn’t have a tin ear. His plans for the product include amplification of online content, noise-cancellation of the editorial pages, and finding the right pitch for a publication that has struggled of late to find its way. Newsweek will be singing a new tune after tonight! source

28 Apr 2010 20:52


Biz, Tech: Win/win situation: How Palm and HP’s merger benefits them both

  • Palm The smartphone company’s big problem has been a lack of money to take on the big boys in the field. HP, if nothing else, has money.
  • HP The company gets access to a pretty impressive smartphone platform in WebOS, and they have the money to make it a hit. source

03 Apr 2010 15:25


Tech: No regrets: We bought an iPad. Cory Doctorow didn’t dissuade us

Fortunately, we didn’t have to do this to enjoy our new toy. The boys at iFixIt (working for Reuters) did it for us. The liveblog: Awesome. source

13 Mar 2010 12:42


Tech: The iPad’s pre-launch is looking like an out-of-the-ballpark success

  • 120,000
    number of pre-bought iPads yesterday, according to an estimate
  • $75
    the size of revenues on that insane single-day number source

17 Feb 2010 20:39


Tech: You should buy this: for sale, could go super-cheap

  • 600,000 unique visitors a month for the service, which is a Twitter button service along the lines of TweetMeme
  • $20,000 the starting price for what’s a valuable piece of real estate due to the commonly-used name source

30 Jan 2010 11:37


World: Russia’s chopping off a bunch of arms to give to Libya

  • $1.8 billion in arms goes directly to the Libyans source

18 Oct 2009 12:09


Biz: Protip: Go to CVS with a reusable bag and save some money

  • 25¢ off your purchase every time you reuse a bag at CVS
  • 99¢ to enroll in the program, but it stil sounds like a nice deal source

31 Aug 2009 10:01


31 Aug 2009 09:52


Biz, Culture: Disney to buy Marvel: Cute heroes meet dark antiheroes

  • $4 billion Marvel’s going rate – a price raised, we’re sure, by the company’s recent box-office success
  • 5,000 number of characters Disney gets in the deal; personally, we want to see a Goofy origin story source

21 May 2009 08:55


Biz, Tech: Google considered buying newspapers – but not anymore.

  • the draw Google, with their charitable arm,, was once interested in buying a paper that wanted to carry non-profit status. They were also offered a stake in The New York Times.
  • why not? CEO Eric Schmidt said that the company ultimately decided that the debt load was too high and that they didn’t want to be on the other side of the news-aggregation plate. Good move. source