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09 Feb 2011 20:10


Tech: Give it up for Palm and HP: Their new WebOS lineup looks awesome

  • Today’s big winner? HP. Specifically its Palm unit. Today, they revealed a bunch of awesome WebOS products that could potentially get the also-ran back in the game. Above is a feature that the iPad can’t do with the iPhone, to the point that it created a whole cottage industry of apps (Instapaper, Read it Later) to make it happen. But the TouchPad can do this with a Pre, the Pixi, or the new baby brother, the Veer. If the iPhone or the Android were able to do this, it’d be a real game-changer. And reportedly HP is working on WebOS PCs, which would effectively be a more robust version of Google’s Chrome OS. So, yeah, this is a pretty stacked lineup, kids. The only real question we have: How much does this stuff all cost? source

28 Apr 2010 20:52


Biz, Tech: Win/win situation: How Palm and HP’s merger benefits them both

  • Palm The smartphone company’s big problem has been a lack of money to take on the big boys in the field. HP, if nothing else, has money.
  • HP The company gets access to a pretty impressive smartphone platform in WebOS, and they have the money to make it a hit. source

26 Feb 2010 13:44


Tech: Is the Palm Pre the Velvet Underground of phones?

  • Critical acclaim is not enough to sell this phone. Despite putting all of their efforts into a phone series that’s reportedly pretty awesome, the Palm Pre (and Pixi) have not become the runaway hits their pedigree suggests. Their sales are going to be much lower than anticipated when it first launched in June. Why? PC World suggests it might be an advertising problem. And MacWorld suggests the lack of third-party apps is really what’s doing it in. source

17 Dec 2009 21:34


Tech: Palm has the phones, but it doesn’t have the sales to match it

  • 29% decrease in Palm’s sales from last quarter source