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18 Oct 2009 12:09


Biz: Protip: Go to CVS with a reusable bag and save some money

  • 25¢ off your purchase every time you reuse a bag at CVS
  • 99¢ to enroll in the program, but it stil sounds like a nice deal source

20 Aug 2009 20:50


Biz, U.S.: Cash for Clunkers over: It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday-eeeee

  • 457,000 clunkers number of cars accepted into one of the Obama administration’s most popular programs
  • $1.9 billion amount of money spent so far (the program ends on Monday); go buy a car this weekend source

28 Jul 2009 10:02


Biz: AT&T doesn’t understand the idea of a discount very well

  • Go in and the man at the desk goes about setting me up. Then he says this ‘There is an activation fee of $36 to add this discount to your account.’
  • Consumerist reader “ValentineHumphrey” • Describing the process during which she found out her company was getting charged a $36 fee for getting a 25% discount from AT&T. Man, and we thought our logic didn’t make much sense. They got the fee reversed but that’s just cruddy service in the first place. • source

18 Jul 2009 17:37


World: Berlin brothel offers discount to environmentally friendly customers

Do you bike or take transit to your local brothel? Are you getting a discount? If not, you’re getting ripped off, man. source

25 Feb 2009 22:24


Biz: Hey, it’s not all bad, guys! Just look at Dollar Tree!

The top-tier dollar store has profits up 11%. Wonder why they’re doing so well. source