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20 Apr 2011 09:40


Biz, Tech: AT&T proves analysts wrong, does OK post-Verizon iPhone

  • -83k the number of subscribers analysts expected AT&T to lose this quarter, after losing their exclusive iPhone contract
  • +62k the number of subscribers AT&T actually ADDED this quarter, which was totally unexpected; eat your crow, analysts
  • +400k the number of subscribers AT&T added in the previous quarter, which shows how steep the iPhone drop-off still was for AT&T source

13 Apr 2011 14:28


World: Telecom executive gives big help to Libyan rebels

  • YES the Libyan rebels have a  mobile phone network source
  • » Welcome to Free Libyana: With international support, in particular the help of a telecom executive in Abu Dhabi named Ousama Abushagur, the Libyan rebel forces now have a hijacked mobile phone network operating within the eastern part of the country. The network, called Free Libyana, was built on the equipment foundations of a Gaddafi controlled network called simply Libyana. Mr. Abushagur, a Libyan who was raised in Alabama, led a crew of engineers and some bodyguards into Benghazi in order to secure the network for the rebel forces located there.

02 Oct 2010 03:05


Tech: Android getting targeted by Google enemies, part three

  • one Apple sues HTC over patent issues regarding their Android phones
  • two Oracle sues Google because of Android’s use of the Java platform
  • three Microsoft sues Motorola because they want to follow the leader source

23 Jun 2010 09:53


Tech: iPhones have high failure rates, but they’ve improved over time

  • 26% of iPhones suffer breakdowns within two years as of 2010
  • 31% of iPhones suffered breakdowns within two years as of 2009
  • 35%+ the failure rates of older, first-generation iPhones source

17 May 2010 22:43


Tech: Nice knowing you, landlines: Cell phones popular with the kids

  • 25% of all homes no longer have a landline, because they have cell phones
  • 50% of 25-year-olds are mobile-phone-only, an under-40 phenomenon
  • 15% of homes with landlines mostly use cell phones for everything source

19 Feb 2010 11:41


Culture: Tiger Woods’ statement is a depressing commentary on Tiger’s PR

  • Everything we expected, and less. Tiger Woods’ airtight public relations machine wanted to make sure nothing fell apart in his statement, and, yeah, it didn’t. But we also learned that they’ve learned nothing from this situation and are treating it just like everything else since the scandal broke. Leave your boy airtight guys. Let’s see how much it helps his rep. Here’s a recap and analysis of what he said:

Key phrase from the statement

  • I ask you to find room in your heart to one day believe in me again.
  • Tiger Woods • At the end of his public statement, which was perhaps the least-riveting piece of live TV we’ve ever seen. The lack of excitement on Woods’ face was visible – and then some. After he said this, he hugged his mom, who also looked very unhappy to be there. He didn’t veer off the script one bit.

Five things we learned from the statement:

  • 1st The press has been stalking his wife and kids; that’s not nice, paparazzi!
  • 2nd He could return to golf as soon as this year, but maybe not. It’s up in the air.
  • 3rd He doesn’t plan to bring up his many mistresses by name, based on today.
  • 4th Elin Nordegren didn’t hit him, apparently, as famously thought. He flatly denied it.
  • 5th Tiger is still a Buddhist, but he fell away from his religion over the last few years.

Three things to take from this statement:

  • Tiger’s PR still sucks This was such a controlled event that you could tell Woods would’ve snapped like a twig if he turned the wrong way. The lack of questions from the press is complete bull. His handlers are handling him way too tightly, leaving no room at all.
  • nothing’s gonna change “These are issues between a husband and a wife.” Woods isn’t going to let go of his privacy after the mea culpa, which is a huge mistake on his part, because it means these questions will continue to dog him forever.
  • Mobile mea culpa We watched this statement live from our iPhone using the CNN app and it allowed us to live-tweet the story with little trouble. Our society is in a great place if we can watch a man’s life fall apart live on a mobile phone. source

15 Feb 2010 09:07


Tech: Can a bunch of random companies take on the App Store?

  • 24 mobile companies think they can topple Apple; Ha! source

10 Sep 2009 10:30


Tech: New reason to use a Pre instead of an iPhone: Sprint goes unlimited

  • For $69.99, you can get unlimited EVERYTHING. As many iPhone fans know, the main argument against using an iPhone is the carrier – AT&T’s plans are not only expensive, but they’re spotty and often arbitrarily leave iPhone users out of the loop. Sprint, which now has a killer phone of its own in the Palm Pre (and soon, the Palm Pixi), plans to offer an unlimited plan (Any Mobile, Anytime) which is cheaper than most of AT&T’s iphone plans, AND offers more bang for your buck. Now if only Palm can stop screwing up the marketing of their phones. source

09 Sep 2009 01:58


Tech: That’s hot: The Palm Pixi gives the Pre a sexy little sister

See, Apple – is it really that hard to release an iPhone with a keyboard? Palm has your form factor AND a keyboard and still remains amazingly functional. source

24 Aug 2009 10:47


Tech: Would you buy a “mini laptop” from Nokia? Now you have your chance

Nokia Booklet 3G
  • Not really a Netbook, not really a full-fledged laptop, Nokia’s 10.1″ attempt to stretch beyond mobile phones, the Booklet 3G, is pretty hawt if you can give yourself a reason to buy a machine that runs Windows 7. source