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21 Jun 2010 10:47


Tech: The Microsoft Courier reborn? Toshiba’s Libretto looks very similar

  • Main difference? It uses Windows 7. Eww. This little device, launched in a limited edition to celebrate Toshiba’s 25th anniversary in the laptop market, has more laptop in its DNA than tablet, though it definitely has aspects of both. Windows 7 just does not seem like the OS for a device like this, though. At least it’s not Windows Vista. source

18 May 2010 10:52


Tech: Yikes: Laptop batteries’ quick charging can cause fires

  • So, why do laptop batteries do this? Cambridge University scientists say the need for quick charging creates “dendrites,” metal fibers that can cause short circuits and, in turn, fires like this one. After watching this video (did you guys see that fireball?), we’re going to hold our laptop tight when we go to bed with it tonight. source

11 Dec 2009 12:24


Offbeat: Some guy thinks he’s clever, brings his typewriter to a lecture

  • Well, that’s one way to protest against jerks typing on their laptops during class. This kid brought his typewriter. And it was so loud that it annoyed the entire class. The lesson here, laptop jockeys? Type louder. This guy needs to be put in his place.

02 Sep 2009 21:35


Tech: Nokia’s sorta-Netbook has a sorta-laughably-high price

  • $800 for an underpowered Nokia Netbook; pricing fail source

24 Aug 2009 10:47


Tech: Would you buy a “mini laptop” from Nokia? Now you have your chance

Nokia Booklet 3G
  • Not really a Netbook, not really a full-fledged laptop, Nokia’s 10.1″ attempt to stretch beyond mobile phones, the Booklet 3G, is pretty hawt if you can give yourself a reason to buy a machine that runs Windows 7. source

13 Aug 2009 11:40


Offbeat, Tech: This YouTube laptop-catching video cracks us up

  • We’re convinced this is fake, but the marketing person at MSI that came up with this bizarre idea for a laptop commercial deserves a gold star and a cookie. source

18 Jun 2009 20:21


Tech: Available options for enabling tethering on your AT&T iPhone

  • waiting According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog (where friend of the site Megan Lavey works), AT&T plans to offer a super-expensive $55 data plan to allow you to use the iPhone’s 3G on your laptop. Laaaaaaaaame.
  • hacking According to 9to5Mac (where, sadly, no friends of the site work), you can hack your 3.0-upgraded iPhone using some simple non-jailbreaking steps to enable tethering in five minutes. Guess which one we’re doing?

27 Mar 2009 18:21


Tech: “Lauren” is no Ellen Feiss, Microsoft. But she’ll do.

Why we like Lauren: Lauren’s not cool. She probably listens to Jason Mraz. We’d date her, then immediately convert her to Apple. source

05 Mar 2009 22:52


Tech, World: One Laptop Per Child is part of the way there

  • 750,000 laptops for kids worldwide source