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31 Oct 2010 10:57


Tech: Apple and Motorola lawsuits more annoying than anything

  • All these lawsuits between Apple and Motorola are silly. In the latest suit (a counter-suit, even), the iPhone maker sued Motorola for using multitouch technology (among other things which Apple owns patents for) in nine of its phones, including each of the popular Droid models. These suits are excuses for each company to get in the other’s hair, and basically do nothing useful. Honestly, if Apple was really serious about fighting these claims against their multitouch technology, they would’ve sued when the first Droid phone came out. Now, it just seems like a vindictive attempt at leverage. source

21 Jun 2010 10:47


Tech: The Microsoft Courier reborn? Toshiba’s Libretto looks very similar

  • Main difference? It uses Windows 7. Eww. This little device, launched in a limited edition to celebrate Toshiba’s 25th anniversary in the laptop market, has more laptop in its DNA than tablet, though it definitely has aspects of both. Windows 7 just does not seem like the OS for a device like this, though. At least it’s not Windows Vista. source

02 Feb 2010 21:04


Tech: Google decides to bite the bullet, adds multitouch to the Nexus One

  • They could set themselves up for a patent battle with Apple. When the Google Nexus One launched, one of the biggest things it was lacking was multitouch – a seemingly obvious advantage the iPhone (along with Palm’s Pre and Pixi) held over it. Apple has a lot of patents on the technology, which would seemingly make it off limits. Today, though, Google enabled the feature in a software update, which should at the very least cause a cluster#(&@ … or nothing. We’ll see. source

20 Oct 2009 10:45


Tech: The “Nook”? Barnes and Noble’s e-Reader has a stupid name

  • two number of screens the $259 Nook, which comes out today, has – one being an awesome touch screen
  • 500,000 the number of books the Nook can access for free thanks to Google’s public-domain Book Project source

15 Oct 2009 11:26


Tech: 10/GUI dares you to use your fingers instead of a mouse

  • This is really awesome. It’s a rethinking of the GUI to be something that replaces the mouse AND the complexity of the window system. It uses multitouch, but not on the screen. We’re big fans of everything except the overwraught hipster names it uses. source

14 Oct 2009 21:32


Tech: Barnes & Noble’s dual-screen E-Reader: Hotter than the Kindle?

Oooh. Here’s a novel approach. Take the thing that people dislike about the Kindle the most (the button-heavy interface) and make it like an iPhone. Brilliant! source

03 Aug 2009 10:35


Tech: TechCrunch vs. Apple: The tablet PC wars are about to heat up

  • $400 expected cost of the CrunchPad, a simple-as-heck tablet produced by the TechCrunch dudes
  • $699+ expected cost of Apple’s upcoming tablet, which people should expect to see in September source

04 Mar 2009 21:29


Tech: Amazon lights a Kindle fire under the iPhone

  • $399 cost of a new Amazon Kindle e-Book reader; it ain’t cheap
  • $0 cost of the new Amazon Kindle iPhone app; it’s kinda free source