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10 Jan 2010 11:41


Tech: The Skiff newspaper e-Reader: Half-baked or wholehearted?

  • Is Skiff the future of the news? As with any of these e-Reader devices, it’s too early to call, but it’s closer than most. TechCrunch says it’s an attempt to put the genie in the bottle again. We like the fact that it does nice newspaper layout. source

15 Nov 2009 02:09


About: A quick shout-out to our RSS readers: Hey guys!

  • If you didn’t know … … you can read ShortFormBlog’s posts without ever having to visit the site. We have a full-featured RSS feed with hundreds of readers that offers an experience that matches the bite-sized nature of the site. Numbers, photos, quotes, videos and so on show up on the feed. It looks particularly good in Google Reader.
  • On recent issues Over the last few weeks, we’ve had some significant problems with our feed – both under the hood and above the hood. We admittedly worked really hard to get that feed in good shape, so this is frustrating. Please e-mail us if you find any further problems with that or anything else on the site. We appreciate it greatly. source

14 Oct 2009 21:32


Tech: Barnes & Noble’s dual-screen E-Reader: Hotter than the Kindle?

Oooh. Here’s a novel approach. Take the thing that people dislike about the Kindle the most (the button-heavy interface) and make it like an iPhone. Brilliant! source

07 Oct 2009 10:46


Tech: Amazon Kindles a global reach for its eBook reader

Jeff Bezos is hoping that the can take his pet project and turn it into the biggest present under a lot of global Christmas trees. source

07 Sep 2009 11:22


Tech: Asus’ new Eee eBook reader is not only fawnworthy, but cheap

It’s dual-screen AND it’s going to sell for less than $200. We’re gonna buy two so that we can surround ourselves with the Internet at all times. source

25 Aug 2009 11:27


Tech: Sony’s got a new, larger Reader to compete with the Kindle

  • $399 for seven inches of wireless reading glory source

04 Aug 2009 21:40


Tech: Sony’s Reader puts pricing pressure on the Amazon Kindle

  • $199 the cost of the Sony Reader Pocket edition; they’re also coming out with a $299 edition featuring a nice touchscreen
  • $9.99 the cost of e-books from Sony, down from $11.99 and matching the Kindle; finally, a promising Sony product? source

02 Jul 2009 15:28


Tech: An unabashed plug for an RSS reader: Meet Feedly, brahs.

  • As you might know about us at ShortFormBlog, we’re not against the occasional plug for something we really dig. And in this case, Feedly, which mashes up Google Reader into a very easy-to-read format, totally deserves it. Like other Web products we’ve liked in the past, such as Apture (who likes us back, apparently), it has this way of carrying itself like it the Internet should have always been this way. We like giving nods to cool things like this. Makes life easier – especially when it comes to tweeting links. source

04 May 2009 08:21


Politics, Tech: Dear newspapers: A widescreen Kindle sounds smart, but …

  • I implore newspapers not to put too much stock in these big screen Kindles. I know the options are awfully thin as to what can save you, and the Kindle is a potentially sexy savior; but it is not the answer.
  • MG Siegler • Techcrunch blogger, on the possibility of Amazon throwing a hail-mary pass to newspapers in the form of a wide-screen Kindle this week. It won’t work, he says, mainly because newspapers are a different kind of beast from books. He notes that it might cost a lot more and that the place a type of product like this could really help consumers is textbooks. We’re prone to agree. By the way, Hearst is working on something like this. By the way, super-smart newspaper consultant Steve Yelvington agrees. • source

04 Mar 2009 21:29


Tech: Amazon lights a Kindle fire under the iPhone

  • $399 cost of a new Amazon Kindle e-Book reader; it ain’t cheap
  • $0 cost of the new Amazon Kindle iPhone app; it’s kinda free source