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24 Jan 2011 13:18


Tech: Australian iPhone users fight back against pricey citations

  • I could show you a list of maybe 20 to 30 parking tickets that I had last year, in my town, just by being a normal driver. I must have spent thousands of dollars.
  • Joseph Darling • The Australian man, through his firm, developed an iPhone app called “ParkPatrol,” which allows users to update and notify each other when parking police are in the area. The app displays the locations on a map, with cartoon policemen denoting where, at last notice, the citation-wielding officers are. Darling stated the idea was “pretty much born out of frustration.” source

23 Jun 2010 11:07


Tech: Gourmet Live: A dead magazine, rekindled as an iPad app

  • Is this the future? Or at least a good approximation of it? For our friends at Gourmet Magazine, the demise of the publication was sudden and painful. But a phoenix appears to be rising out of the ashes in the form of this iPad app, coming this fall. “We closed the magazine last fall but we did not close the brand,” said Conde Nast’s president of consumer marketing, Robert Sauerberg. Curious to see how this experiment works out. source

31 May 2010 21:57


Tech: WHOA: Pulse is officially the coolest iPad news-reader, ever

  • We want to have babies with this RSS reader. OK, maybe not babies, but definitely some sort of spawn. Our statistics meet your cool little boxes in a dark room somewhere, and things might happen. After all, you’re my wonderwall. (Thanks TechCrunch for the tip. This $3.99 pile of awesome, created by a bunch of recent Stanford grads, is totally worth it.) source

12 Apr 2010 21:08


Tech: High-fives all around for the makers of Opera Mini for the iPhone

  • Hell froze over, boys. Our good friends at Opera, who ballsily submitted a Web browser (i.e. direct competition) to the good folks at Apple for the iPhone App Store, actually got it approved. Which was beyond unexpected based on Apple’s recent track record. Maybe Apple isn’t made of stone after all. Will a mobile version of Firefox be next? source

12 Apr 2010 09:58


Tech: Update: Opera’s iPhone app (unsurprisingly) not approved yet

  • 20 days and counting for the
    Web browser, kids source

10 Apr 2010 15:09


Tech: Why are software developers acting like hurt kittens this week?

  • Apple Closed their app platform to anybody using a secondary compiler that Apple didn’t make. Adobe is crying right now.
  • Twitter Bought Tweetie, effectively
    creating an official Twitter app for an ecosystem with a lot of those.
    Et tu, Twitter? source

03 Apr 2010 15:34


Tech: Dear HootSuite: Where did you jerks go? Your app is broken.

  • We’re not geniuses, but it’s unacceptable when a Twitter app that many corporations and users (including us) rely on is down for twelve hours. HootSuite appears to have been down since last night. Our question: Hacking spree? Bots? Long weekend? Fire at headquarters? We deserve an explanation, guys. source
  • Update: App’s up again, but our complaints are still valid. It’s just bad form for a Twitter client to be offline for that many hours.

22 Feb 2010 10:30


Tech: Happy 20th birthday Photoshop! We’ve used you before, we think

  • Yay Photoshop! No single app has brought graphic design into a mainstream light better than Photoshop, which is a great reason to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Strangely enough, this timeline doesn’t mention anything about that slow transition to supporting Intel Macs. Must’ve forgot that. Either way, heck yeah! Happy birthday Photoshop! source

21 Feb 2010 11:23


Tech: Photoshop nostalgia hits the iPhone, is concentrated awesome

Photoshop turns 20 this year, and to celebrate, some developers decided to build an iPhone version of the original Photoshop for the Mac. In three days. source

10 Feb 2010 09:45


Tech: Opera plays with fire, creates iPhone version of its Web browser

  • Well, this seems like a rejected app waiting to happen. Opera, the creators of a not-terrible also-ran Web browser, have created a version of the app for the iPhone which makes Web sites load really fast due to compression technology. Problem is, Apple has notoriously blocked apps that duplicate the phone’s basic functionality. This oughta be fun to watch. source