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02 Sep 2010 01:30


Tech: New Twitter iPad app blows every other Twitter iPad app away

  • Even though we’ve felt like Twitter’s official iPhone app (formerly Tweetie) has been overrated to some degree, we can’t say the same thing about Twitter’s official iPad app. It’s got this magical ability to be as simple or as complex as you’d like it to be, and that’s really hard to pull off. Layers can hide as necessary as the content requires. Links are done in a way that feels intuitive, and it could even teach Flipboard some things about elegance, which is saying a lot. Let’s just get it out there now: We’re fans. Nice work Atebits. source

14 Apr 2010 10:04


Tech: After the Tweetie buy-out, are Twitter developers screwed?

Not if you’re Seesmic. No word on other developers, but Robert Scoble reports the Twitter client maker diversified its approach, though they say they’ve felt squeezed. source

10 Apr 2010 15:09


Tech: Why are software developers acting like hurt kittens this week?

  • Apple Closed their app platform to anybody using a secondary compiler that Apple didn’t make. Adobe is crying right now.
  • Twitter Bought Tweetie, effectively
    creating an official Twitter app for an ecosystem with a lot of those.
    Et tu, Twitter? source

09 Apr 2010 21:56


Tech: So, Tweetie, guess we can call you “Twitter for iPhone” now?

  • That explains the lack of a Tweetie iPad app. Twitter tonight acquired the parent company of Tweetie, which is a big fracking deal, because it means Twitter is getting into the well-saturated Twitter app business – a field that includes Seesmic, EchoFon, TweetDeck, our beloved Twitterific iPad app, and hundreds of others. The meaning of being a Twitter developer might be changing significantly. source