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06 Oct 2011 09:56


Tech: Tuesday’s Apple keynote, in retrospect, post-Steve Jobs

  • The fact that you, and your team, went on stage, knowing that Steve Jobs was close to death, is a testament to your professionalism. I felt that you had called it in a bit, but now I know the truth. You weren’t calling it in at all. You were doing an amazing job while knowing what was coming.
  • Robert Scoble • In a Google+ post late last night, getting the point across that Apple released a new iPhone the day before Steve Jobs died. Tim Cook went on DESPITE the fact that he knew the guy who invented the device was about to die. But … in a way, it makes the modestness of the event seem all the more obvious. “Today I feel guilty because I gave you a tough time about your first press conference,” Scoble said. “Now that I know what was going on behind the scenes I owe you an apology. I’m sorry, I owe you and your team one.” We think the internet does, honestly, because that keynote was much-derided. Now it all makes sense. Ultimately, what Apple sells — they’re just phones. In a week, the weak keynote will be forgotten. Jobs, however, won’t. source

04 Oct 2010 23:28


14 Apr 2010 10:04


Tech: After the Tweetie buy-out, are Twitter developers screwed?

Not if you’re Seesmic. No word on other developers, but Robert Scoble reports the Twitter client maker diversified its approach, though they say they’ve felt squeezed. source

23 Nov 2009 22:34


Tech: Robert Scoble calls web curation a “billion-dollar opportunity”

  • Here’s a test. Take a tweet of mine in your favorite reader like Seesmic or TweetDeck, click a single button on your iPhone and then type or leave some audio right underneath that Tweet and click another button to post it. Hint: you can’t. That, to me, is opportunity.
  • Super-blogger/tweeter/nerd maven Robert Scoble • Discussing one of his super-brilliant ideas – real-time Web curation. He suggests that people should be able to take what’s put in front of them and organize and add commentary to it simply. And it needs to be simple like and well-integrated with Facebook and Twitter. We couldn’t agree more. (Disclosure: We’ve been using news-specific curator Publish2 of late to post on ShortFormBlog, and it’s a pretty good link-organizing tool for journalists.) source