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12 Mar 2011 01:17


Tech: Great job, jerks: Twitter decides to block new third-party clients

  • Developers have told us that they’d like more guidance from us about the best opportunities to build on Twitter. More specifically, developers ask us if they should build client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience. The answer is no.
  • Twitter platform team leader Ryan Sarver • Revealing that the company, which built itself on the back of third-party clients, will no longer allow new ones to crop up. However, the ones there can still operate – well, that is, as long as they uphold high standards set by the company. Hear that? That’s the chirp of a bird that got really arrogant after it learned how to fly. We’re sorry – third-party clients basically built this platform and for Twitter to change the game now seems completely uncool. source

07 Mar 2011 10:29


Biz: Twitter valuation: A stock auction suggests they’re growing in value

  • $7.7 billion valuation based on a private stock auction source
  • » Worth noting: Just three months ago, that valuation was $3.75 billion, so this is a pretty big jump for the company. Still not Facebook numbers, but getting there. We credit the Dickbar.

09 Feb 2011 21:56


Biz, Tech: Could Google or Facebook buy Twitter? It’s a definite possibility.

  • valuation A December financing round put Twitter’s valuation around $3.75 billion – not peanuts in any sense but not anywhere near Facebook’s valuation. Back in February 2009, they were worth just $250 million.
  • offers? The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google and Facebook have both eyed taking over Twitter – with offers ranging in the $8 billion to $10 billion range – but talks have gone nowhere so far. source

16 Dec 2010 10:08


Tech: Based on their latest financing, here’s how much Twitter’s worth

  • $200
    the amount Twitter just raised in their latest financing round
  • $3.7
    the company’s estimated value; that’s a lot of tweets, guys source

04 Oct 2010 23:28


01 Oct 2010 10:03


09 Sep 2010 18:35


Cats!: Meet three cute cats who need really good homes

@Shortformblog Tig, Tiger and Ragdoll, who need good homes! #catstravaganza Sep 04 08:51:46 via Yfrog

  • Thanks for the tweet! StevenatPAX appears to only have one tweet on his account, and he made it count with a little #catstravaganza love. Here are the lovely cats who need good homes (we’re guessing you can inquire with him via Twitter):
  • Tig
  • Tiger
  • Ragdoll

30 Aug 2010 09:57


03 Jun 2010 22:30


Politics: Real or fake? These Twitter accounts claim to be real politicians

  • dubya The ex-president showed up yesterday as @George_WBush, and has 7,897 Twitter followers so far. Make that 7,898. Sadly, it’s fake.
  • blago The shamed ex-governor of Illinois, who just started his corruption trial, has just 97 followers since he launched @Governorrod Monday.

29 May 2010 16:25


Culture: Dennis Hopper’s death not as Twitter-overtaking as Gary Coleman’s

  • 1.9% of all tweets were about Hopper’s death source
  • How does it compare? It drew less than half the attention of Coleman’s on a slower day. (That factoid has been tweeted a lot today, by the way.) Part of it might be due to the sheer shock of Coleman’s versus Hopper’s more-known health problems.