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09 Jun 2010 21:33


Culture: Gary Coleman’s ex-wife officially worst person in the world

  • yes The tabloid Globe printed copies of the deathbed photo of Gary Coleman that Shannon Price sold them.
  • no We’re not going to show them on this site because – let’s face it – it’s morally reprehensible. source

08 Jun 2010 10:32


Culture: Terrible human being alert: Gary Coleman’s ex sold death photos

  • Dear God, woman, were you just waiting for him to die? Shannon Price, the ex-wife of the former child star who called the shots at the hospital, reportedly had professional photos taken of Coleman just before his death, which she then sold to the tabloids. If that doesn’t scream classless, we don’t know what does. As you might guess, his mom finds this unbelievable too. This guy had a terrible life, and his death was equally terrible. Why exploit him? source

02 Jun 2010 21:24


Culture: Was Gary Coleman married at the time he died?

  • NO he divorced in 2008; that’s
    what his lawyer says source
  • » Why this matters: Two words: Terri Schiavo. Remember the long fight over keeping that woman alive? Well, if Shannon Price and Coleman weren’t married, it’s possible that she didn’t have the right to order to pull the plug on Coleman’s life support.

30 May 2010 13:51


Culture: Gary Coleman’s former classmate: He was dealt a rotten hand

  • Of all the bad hands people have been dealt in life, of the people who I have known up close, compared to the starving in Mongolia, Gary had as about a rotten combination as anything I’d seen.  I won’t give the details, but there was very much a horrifying tragedy about his life, a desperation that I think at age 16, was too big for us his classmates to comprehend or take in.
  • Blogger Richard Rushfield • Regarding his former high school classmate, Gary Coleman, who died on Friday. Rushfield makes it clear that Coleman’s great tragedy is that he was forced into a lifestyle that wasn’t normal and milked him of his fortune, but more importantly, of a normal life. “As I grew older and watched now from afar, the reports his life get stranger and stranger, it became more clear how much what had happened in those days had cost him,” Rushfield writes. source

29 May 2010 16:25


Culture: Dennis Hopper’s death not as Twitter-overtaking as Gary Coleman’s

  • 1.9% of all tweets were about Hopper’s death source
  • How does it compare? It drew less than half the attention of Coleman’s on a slower day. (That factoid has been tweeted a lot today, by the way.) Part of it might be due to the sheer shock of Coleman’s versus Hopper’s more-known health problems.

29 May 2010 12:29


Culture: Gary Coleman is staying on “Avenue Q,” despite his death

  • The play gave Coleman a tribute, complete with weeping. “Avenue Q” has gotten a lot of mileage out of making fun of Gary Coleman over the years, a fate which looked fraught with controversy in the wake of his death. But despite that, the show went on with him last night, and it looks like it’ll continue to go on with him. “After watching it tonight, I would miss him too much,” said the play’s book writer, Jeff Whitty. “Personally, I would miss him terribly.” source

28 May 2010 19:50


Culture: When Gary Coleman died, Twitter blew up big time

  • 4.8% of all tweets were about Coleman’s death source

28 May 2010 19:46


Culture: With Gary Coleman’s death, “Avenue Q” has a big problem

  • While everything in life may be only for now, we suspect that Gary’s legacy will live on for many years to come. Gary’s memory will certainly endure in the hearts and minds of those of us who live on Avenue Q.
  • A statement from the crew of the off-Broadway performance of “Avenue Q” • Regarding the death of Gary Coleman. Here’s the problem they face. One of the main characters of the play is based on the deceased “Different Strokes” star (without Coleman’s consent), and the play goes out of its way to make fun of him. One of the songs about Coleman is called “It Sucks to Be Me.” They plan on doing a tribute tonight, but we’re guessing it’s going to be tough to reconcile Coleman’s tragic death with the satire on his life. source

28 May 2010 15:47


Culture: Let’s call out @Jesus_M_Christ for his Gary Coleman schadenfreude

  • I’m sorry I had to take Gary Coleman. But damn if I’m not going to make him say ‘What’choo talkin bout, Jesus?’ when he gets here.
  • The Twitter account @Jesus_M_Christ • Who’s been kind of a jerk about Gary Coleman’s very sad situation. The person behind the Jesus parody account has posted nine tweets in the last two days with the kind of black humor we can’t get behind. This tweet is pretty bad, but it’s nowhere near as bad as this one. Look, Coleman has famously been the butt of jokes (there’s a character in “Avenue Q” who parodies his depressing fate) but now isn’t the time. Seriously. source

28 May 2010 15:42


Culture: RIP Gary Coleman: Let’s give the guy a little respect, OK?

  • Gary Coleman’s story may be one of the saddest child star stories ever. Coleman, who died at 42, deserves respect from an obit. Doesn’t he? For nearly a decade, he was a pint-sized legend that ranked up there with Lucille Ball. Then it all fell apart. His life is a sad tale. Not only is he the ultimate example of how typecasting can ruin a career (although the four People’s Choice Awards did help soften the blow in the early ’80s), but he had all sorts of awful things happen to him throughout his life. A few examples:
  • Trust misappropriationSure, Coleman spent all of those years on “Different Strokes,” but he didn’t get rich of it. Why? Because his parents and manager reportedly mis-managed his trust fund. As a result, he had to file for bankruptcy in 1999.
  • trouble with the lawWhile we don’t exactly want to play Coleman as an angel with a halo over his head, we can’t help but think his financial troubles eventually led to myriad troubles with the law, including assault and domestic violence charges.
  • selling out his imageOver the last two decades of his life, he had to suffer through humiliating appearance-oriented jobs just to pay the bills. It’s pretty troubling that his last credited role was in a film called “Midgets vs. Mascots.” His entire IMDB is a mess. source