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28 May 2010 19:46


Culture: With Gary Coleman’s death, “Avenue Q” has a big problem

  • While everything in life may be only for now, we suspect that Gary’s legacy will live on for many years to come. Gary’s memory will certainly endure in the hearts and minds of those of us who live on Avenue Q.
  • A statement from the crew of the off-Broadway performance of “Avenue Q” • Regarding the death of Gary Coleman. Here’s the problem they face. One of the main characters of the play is based on the deceased “Different Strokes” star (without Coleman’s consent), and the play goes out of its way to make fun of him. One of the songs about Coleman is called “It Sucks to Be Me.” They plan on doing a tribute tonight, but we’re guessing it’s going to be tough to reconcile Coleman’s tragic death with the satire on his life. source

07 Aug 2009 11:41


U.S.: Detroit’s worthy of two plays spoofing its political misfortune

  • This is priceless stuff. I wasn’t really planning to do a second one but the material was there.
  • Playwright Marc Warzecha • On creating “Kwame a River 2: The Wrath of Conyers,” the sequel to his spoof of shamed former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. The first play was a huge hit, running for seven months when it was originally supposed to run for three. Regarding the subject matter mixed in with the downright atrocious state of the city, he says “I hope that it’s cathartic in a way, that all of us can come together for a while and just laugh at all this stuff.”  • source

18 May 2009 20:59


Culture, World: It’s “Springtime For Hitler” in Germany, and it’s going over well

We’re guessing when Mel Brooks first made “The Producers,” he didn’t think it would play in Berlin. But here it is, playing in Berlin. source

31 Mar 2009 10:40


Music: The Dresden Dolls’ Palmer does theater, Neutral Milk Hotel-style

  • It’s an original play about music and the Holocaust written by insanely talented drama students with musical accompaniment by me. My high school theater director, Steven Bogart, is one of my biggest artistic mentors and I’ve been trying to get back there since I left.
  • Amanda Palmer • The piano-smashing half of Brechtian punk cabaret popsters The Dresden Dolls, on her latest project – going back to her alma mater, Lexington High School in Massacheusetts, to compose the music for a play based on one of our favorite albums, Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.” If you’ve never heard it, you should – it’s an amazing, colorful and bizarre artistic interpretation of the life and death of Anne Frank, and a bold choice for a high school play. • source

30 Mar 2009 10:35


Music: Uh, why is Green Day making an “American Idiot” play?

  • It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that’s what I love about it. When people see it, it’s going to be my wildest dream.
  • Billie Joe Armstrong • On making “American Idiot,” Green Day’s most popular and ambitious album, into a play. It’ll initially show at a theater in Berkeley, Calif. starting in September with the goal of going bigger places in the long run. Wake us up when September ends. • source

25 Feb 2009 10:25


Sports: Hey, look who’s back! It’s Tiger Woods!

Who missed the golfer more, his fans, the PGA or his sponsors? It’s really a toss-up. source

21 Feb 2009 12:29


Music: Two Tickets to Sucking: Eddie Money’s making a musical

  • Nothing against the dude, but … … we just don’t think it’s going to be a hit. “Two Tickets to Paradise,” an autobiographical musical on the singer’s life, will have its first showing in June on that bastion of great theater, Long Island. He hopes to get it on Broadway. Just like Ronnie says, be my little baby. source

19 Feb 2009 11:11


Culture, U.S.: “Rent” got cancelled because it might spread teh gay

  • We went to a lunch meeting for drama class and our teacher told us the show was canceled. He said it was because Ms. Asrani did not want homosexual characters portrayed on stage — but that’s kind of the point of ‘Rent.’
  • Ryan Willison • senior at Corona del Mar High School in Newport Beach, California, regarding principal Fal Asrani’s cancellation of a performance of “Rent.” It’s led to an uproar among the student body and alumni. • source