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29 Nov 2010 10:14


Culture: Spider-Man musical: Big budget, rocky production, rockier first show

  • $65
    the amount the “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” cost to produce – easily the biggest ever for a Broadway show
  • $4
    the cost of a two-week delay in getting things up and running; it finally got a performance in last night
  • five number of times the play had to stop during due to technical problems that still plagued it
  • 10′ number of feet Spidey was hanging above the stage after the shortened first act
  • one number of embarrassing catcalls the play had – during a break in the action in act two source

18 Dec 2009 16:23


Offbeat: Techno Jeep: A stroke of musical brilliance in the form of a SUV

  • It takes an insanely creative mind to come up with something this randomly beautiful, and Julian Smith (in the driver’s seat) apparently fits the bill. All the sounds come from the jeep, and you can buy said sounds in ringtone form if you’re interested in having this around everywhere you go. (Thanks to our boy Micah Pearson for the find.) source

21 Feb 2009 12:29


Music: Two Tickets to Sucking: Eddie Money’s making a musical

  • Nothing against the dude, but … … we just don’t think it’s going to be a hit. “Two Tickets to Paradise,” an autobiographical musical on the singer’s life, will have its first showing in June on that bastion of great theater, Long Island. He hopes to get it on Broadway. Just like Ronnie says, be my little baby. source

03 Feb 2009 06:36


Music: One of the greatest auteurs of our times is making a movie musical

HAHAHA, you’ve been Rickrolled! But Rick Astley is working on a musical. Really. source