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31 Mar 2011 12:42


World: Woman rushes, stops Assad’s car after speech

  • Quite stunning video: Brought to you by Al Jazeera English, a video taken just following Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s defiant and surprising speech yesterday. There’s a bit to follow, here: Assad waves to the crowd, then gets into his car which begins slowly driving, flanked by personnel on all sides. A woman rushes over, brandishing what what appears to be a paper that is snatched away by one of the personnel, but this interruption causes a chaotic reaction of people surging towards the car. Then, the feed cuts out, and instead shows jarringly contrasted overhead shots of a city with jaunty music, presumably to prevent this from inflaming the citizenry. source

27 Aug 2010 12:50


U.S.: Can police put a GPS unit on your car without a warrant?

  • YES that’s what a federal appeals court ruled source

27 Jul 2010 21:10


Biz: The Chevy Volt: Not cheap, but the lease price isn’t too bad

  • $41k the amount it costs to purchase GM’s hope, the new Chevy Volt
  • $33.5k the amount it costs after the federal tax credit kicks in
  • $350 the amount a monthly lease costs (that’s reasonable!) source
  • » Why GM should be worried: Their electric car is going to compete directly with the Nissan Leaf, which far less in its least expensive configuration, $32,780, or $25,280 after the credit. On the plus side for GM, the leases are nearly the same price – $349 for Nissan vs. $350 for GM.

15 Mar 2010 20:16


Biz: It’s official: The runaway Prius incident is a complete media circus

Look at that runaway Toyota Prius fly! It’s like going so fast it’s not gonna stop! Press down on that brake! Oh. It stopped. Would you look at that? source

15 Mar 2010 11:05


Biz: Odd: Toyota couldn’t make that guy’s runaway Prius run away

  • They suggest that he might’ve been lying. Last week’s uber-bizarre story, the guy whose Prius had a stuck gas pedal and was talked to safety by police, may get even weirder. Apparently, technicians have been playing with the guy’s car and have not been able to replicate the circumstances that created the incident. Driver Jim Sikes says that he stands behind his story, BTW. source

17 Feb 2010 10:52


U.S.: A stuck gas pedal blamed for a crazy car at an auto auction

  • 27 people were injured (in a crowd of 100!) by the 1995 Volvo source

28 Jan 2010 21:22


Offbeat: This old dude takes compact cars to a whole new level

  • Tiny car, tiny garage, perfect fit. Hopefully this guy doesn’t have a bad day at some point and is just a couple inches off his thin margin of error. The most impressive part is how he manages to get inside his place after he opens the door.

18 Dec 2009 16:23


Offbeat: Techno Jeep: A stroke of musical brilliance in the form of a SUV

  • It takes an insanely creative mind to come up with something this randomly beautiful, and Julian Smith (in the driver’s seat) apparently fits the bill. All the sounds come from the jeep, and you can buy said sounds in ringtone form if you’re interested in having this around everywhere you go. (Thanks to our boy Micah Pearson for the find.) source

07 Dec 2009 10:03


Tech: Remember the car phone? How cell-phone makers marketed to drivers

Cell-phone manufacturers were aware of the risks of a driver-distracting device like the car phone, but sold them to drivers anyway. Hmm. source

17 Nov 2009 21:23


U.S.: Some car kinda sorta connected to Joe Biden crashed or something

This police car with Joe Biden’s motorcade crashed. The vice president was on his way to “The Daily Show” to chat up Jon Stewart. Clearly, this is a sign. source