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27 Aug 2010 12:50


U.S.: Can police put a GPS unit on your car without a warrant?

  • YES that’s what a federal appeals court ruled source

15 Mar 2010 11:05


Biz: Odd: Toyota couldn’t make that guy’s runaway Prius run away

  • They suggest that he might’ve been lying. Last week’s uber-bizarre story, the guy whose Prius had a stuck gas pedal and was talked to safety by police, may get even weirder. Apparently, technicians have been playing with the guy’s car and have not been able to replicate the circumstances that created the incident. Driver Jim Sikes says that he stands behind his story, BTW. source

26 Jan 2010 20:58


Biz: Toyota stops selling a ton of car brands ’cause they’ll kill you

  • 2.3 million cars, or 8 brands, now on ice for safety reasons source

08 Nov 2009 11:45


U.S.: How a 9-year-old prevented his mom’s car from getting jacked

  • normal A lady left her kids in the car when she went to the store. She left the keys in the ignition.
  • bad A random guy decided to attempt to steal the vehicle – with the kids still inside the car!
  • great A super-brave 9-year-old took the keys and fought back. He got punched in the face. source

02 Aug 2009 02:43


Biz, Tech: Nissan: Your car has low emissions? Well OUR car has none!

The Nissan Leaf, the company’s first all-electric car, goes 160 km on a charge, goes as fast as 140 km and will use a lithium-ion battery pack. source

26 Jun 2009 13:13


Biz, U.S.: Michigan begins its abusive relationship with General Motors anew

  • General Motors decides to make a car in Michigan again. You know the story: State hosts corporation, state becomes dependent on corporation, corporation decides to offsource most of its work, state goes into economic seizure, corporation goes bankrupt. Sounds sweet, doesn’t it? Well, Michigan – 14.5% unemployment and all – plans to go back to its mistress and let them make cars in Michigan again. The Spark, unlike most of GM’s recent hogs, is small and compact – and it’s gonna be made in Michigan. Maybe this could be the start of a brand new relationship where GM screws them over again. source

07 Apr 2009 08:21


Biz, Tech: As if the Segway didn’t make people look stupid enough …

… GM and Segway have managed to create a two-person vehicle (the P.U.M.A. mobility pod) that looks even dumber! source

27 Mar 2009 11:14


Biz, Offbeat: Behind the curtain is an Ikea car. Maybe.

It could be an April Fool’s joke, but if it’s real: 1) We hope it’s pre-assembled and 2) In-dash Swedish meatball dispenser! source

08 Jan 2009 09:12


U.S.: A shot of the Obamamobile in action

This vehicle is designed to keep our next president really, really safe. source

08 Jan 2009 09:08


U.S.: It’s like the Popemobile, except for Obama

  • 5 inches – the thickness of the glass on Obama’s secure new ride source