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10 Apr 2011 10:41


Biz, World: How the Japan quake and tsunami has affected the auto industry

  • parts Many auto manufacturers — especially in Japan — are struggling to return to their normal level of production after last month’s earthquake hurt numerous key factories in Japan.
  • labor Manufacturers at Toyota, Nissan and Honda plan to get their workers back on the job very soon — but only at half-time. Toyota’s U.S. factory workers also haven’t had as much work lately.
  • colors Ford, which isn’t Japanese, has its own problems — see, a key metallic pigment they use comes from a factory near Fukushima. Good luck getting a “tuxedo black” car. source

24 Feb 2011 10:42


U.S.: Toyota’s got floormat issues: They just recalled a bunch of cars

  • 2.17
    the number of cars Toyota recalled today for gas-pedal/floormat issues
  • 5.3
    the number of cars previously recalled for similar issues source
  • » What’s the issue? Simply put, the floormats aren’t fully secure, so that when you’re driving, it can move around and get caught inside the gas pedal mechanism. This issue is unrelated the that acceleration problem Toyota’s cars have infamously had recently.

08 Feb 2011 14:40


Biz: Toyota’s cars don’t have computers with minds of their own

  • yes Mechanical defects in the Toyota vehicles, which have already been addressed by the company, were behind the sudden acceleration problem their cars had.
  • no After a long check, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that the electronics were OK and the computer wasn’t at fault. source

21 Oct 2010 07:26


Biz: Same ol’ song and dance: Toyota back to recalling cars again

  • 1.5 million cars recalled over brake fluid leaking concerns source

15 Oct 2010 21:42


Biz: Here’s something you didn’t know about Toyota’s brand recognition

So, fun fact about Toyota trucks: They’re well-respected the world over by rebel and insurgent groups, to the point that they’re telltale signs. source

18 Jun 2010 11:52


Biz: Evidence GM and Toyota are in an auto-industry upswing

  • GM Instead of having its traditional two-week factory shutdown this summer, the company plans to keep 9 of its 11 plants open.
  • Toyota The company is planning to actually use a plant it nearly finished but never opened up. 2,000 people will get jobs. source

11 May 2010 10:41


Biz: Despite the recalls, Toyota actually made big profits last quarter

  • $2.2B the size of Toyota’s profits over the last fiscal year, after a down year
  • $1.2B the profits Toyota made during their recall troubles last quarter
  • 53k the increase in new car sales the company expects this year source

13 Apr 2010 20:41


Biz: Toyota’s streak of good luck keeps rollin’ over, hits Lexus brand

  • bad Toyota gets a rare “do not buy” rating from Consumer Reports for its Lexus GX 460 SUV.
  • worse The company, already weathering the storm of bad publicity, halts sales of the car. Ouch. source

12 Apr 2010 09:43


Biz: Toyota’s way of handling recalls: Cover up, then come clean

  • I hate to break this to you, but we have a tendency for mechanical failure in accelerator pedals of a certain manufacturer on certain models. … The time to hide on this one is over. We need to come clean.
  • A note from Toyota executive Irving A. Miller • Admitting that they would have to recall millions of vehicles. Over a four-month period, the company had made an active effort to hide the problems with their cars from the government. Unsuccessfully. The New York Times’ document analysis suggests that there was a whole lotta fail going on with the vehicles, and a lot more cover-up. While the company obviously screwed up, some congressmen are suggesting that federal regulators should shoulder some of the blame. source

05 Apr 2010 23:03


Biz: Suffer, or not: U.S. gives Toyota a fine so harsh, they won’t feel it

  • $16.4
    the size of Toyota’s fine due to the brake pad recalls they had; it’s the largest auto fine ever given
  • $2.3
    the amount Pfizer had to pay for a similar regulatory fine due to faulty marketing practices source