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30 Sep 2011 10:44


World: Three reasons Anwar al-Awlaki’s assassination is a major development

  • We could say all sorts of things about Anwar al-Awlaki, but we’ll let this Yemeni official say them for us: “He’s the most dangerous man in Yemen. He’s intelligent, sophisticated, Internet-savvy, and very charismatic. He can sell anything to anyone, and right now he’s selling jihad.” A high-profile get for the United States, the al-Qaeda recruiter was killed during an ongoing bombing campaign coordinated with Yemen. Obama is expected to speak on al-Awlaki’s death soon. Why is this such a big deal? Here’s a breakdown:
  • one Anwar al-Awlaki was considered one of al-Qaeda’s top recruiters and had been highly sought after by both American and Yemeni officials for years.
  • two Al-Awlaki was also internet-savvy, using his fluent English and Web presence to draw recruits. Experts say this is a future model for terror recruitment.
  • three Despite his pedigree as a internet-savvy spiritual leader, al-Awlaki was also a U.S. citizen, meaning some see civil rights issues in this situation. source

15 Oct 2010 21:42


Biz: Here’s something you didn’t know about Toyota’s brand recognition

So, fun fact about Toyota trucks: They’re well-respected the world over by rebel and insurgent groups, to the point that they’re telltale signs. source

05 May 2010 13:10


U.S.: Oops: The U.S. closes a loophole in its no-fly list

  • 24
    the size of the
    airlines used
    to re-check no-fly lists
    before today
  • yes
    Times Square suspect Faisal Shahzad managed to board a plane before the list was updated
  • two
    the size of the new intervals to check for individuals with “special circumstances” source
  • » Our take: Why aren’t they using a high-security equivalent to Twitter to do something like this? Why isn’t it updated to the minute? It seems silly that it’s not.

04 May 2010 00:39


01 Nov 2009 22:02


U.S.: The FBI has a long “terrorist watch” list, and you may be on it

  • 1,600 people are added, on average, to the list every single day, due to a “reasonable suspicion”
  • 400,000 people are on the list, which is way too freaking many for the list to be one bit useful source

12 Oct 2009 10:03


World: Pakistan’s super-volatile atmosphere leads to another bombing

  • 41 were killed at a security checkpoint in northwest Pakistan
  • 45 were injured in the second terrorist attack in three days source

20 Aug 2009 09:56


World: Families of Lockerbie bomber victims: He should’ve stayed in jail

  • My understanding is that the man (Megrahi) really is within three months of dying, which is one of the issues we wanted cleared up. At the same time, we have always maintained that he should remain in prison in Scotland and die there if it comes to that.
  • Frank Duggan, president of an organization representing American victims of Pan Am Flight 103 • Discussing the fate of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, who will be returning to Libya to be with his family for the last few months of his life. The Obama administration has reacted with dismay towards the decision and protested his release, but the Libyan government has long fought for his release. Megrhai continues to argue he wasn’t involved but gave up his appeal so he could be released. • source

07 Aug 2009 21:49


World: Shiites targeted in a series of deadly attacks in Iraq

  • 52+ people died in a attacks in Iraq targeting Shiite Muslims
  • 39+ died in a car bombing in Mosul, many Shiite Turkmens source

03 Mar 2009 10:31


Sports, World: Sri Lanka’s cricket team gets caught in the crossfire

  • six policemen were killed in a terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team
  • seven cricket players were injured in the attack, before their match in Pakistan today source

25 Feb 2009 10:38


World: India charges a lot of people in the Mumbai terrorist attack

  • 47 people were charged in the attack, which killed 162 source