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28 Oct 2011 08:35


Biz: Not every financial outlet trying Bank of America’s debit card fees

  • cause Last month, Bank of America decided that it would start charging monthly for the use of debit cards. Some companies (including SunTrust and Regions) followed suit. Consumers freaked out and totally got up on arms.
  • reaction With some time and distance away from the original decision, a number of large banks have chosen not to follow suit — among them J.P. Morgan Chase, which tested them for months and found that they weren’t working. source

05 Oct 2011 01:01


Biz, Tech: Could Bank of America’s debit card charge push us to digital wallets?

  • It may be too early now to talk about the Law of Unintended Consequences, but years from now, we may owe a debt to reforms like Dodd-Frank for finally weaning us off the physical wallet and encouraging us to experiment with the new technologies helping to create the Digital Wallet.
  • The Washington Post’s Dominic Basulto • Arguing that Dodd-Frank’s side effects — such as Bank of America‘s decision to start charging people for the right to use a debit card — will be great in the long run, because it will push consumers and businesses to stop relying on banks for these sorts of services, instead going for phone-based options, provided by companies such as Google or Square, instead. Basuito compares Bank of America’s controversial move to Netflix‘s price-raising scheme, and suggests it will hurt them long-term. source

13 Apr 2011 16:22


World: Israel’s Lieberman may face graft charges

  • Avigdor’s looming legal troubles: Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman learned from Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein today that he may face charges of graft, a tarnish that could potentially force his resignation. It’s alleged that Lieberman used shell companies, among other methods, to illictly rake in nearly $1,200,000 while serving in public office. Lieberman was already a controversial figure in Israeli politics — you may remember his proposal that all Israeli citizens pledge a loyalty oath or have their voting rights revoked. source

04 Mar 2011 15:35


U.S.: Jared Loughner faces fresh charges in Arizona shooting rampage

  • 49 total charges for the gunman who shot Gabrielle Giffords source
  • » Focusing on the other victims: This time, the charges focus less on Gabrielle Giffords (the only wounded victim still in the hospital or in rehabilitation) and more on those killed or wounded in the attack. Some of the charges include murder charges in the death of a federal judge and congressional aide, as well as charges revolving around causing death or injury at a federally-provided event. Let’s be honest, though. No matter how many charges they nail him for – or at least try to – the fact of the matter is, he’ll be punished severely when he’s convicted.

17 Feb 2011 15:31


U.S.: Justice Department nabs Medicare fraud suspects in sweep

  • 111 people were charged with defrauding Medicare, a record bust
  • $225 million the amount defendants reportedly attempted to defraud source

22 Jan 2011 10:53


Biz: Bank of America takes epic charge on its hot mortgage mess

  • $2.24
    the amount the bailed-out Bank of America lost in 2010, hurt by charges due to their Countrywide merger
  • $4.1
    the size of the charge they had to take for investors with claims against their mortgage securities  source
  • » Why such a big charge? Apparently, someone at Bank of America (or Countrywide) was really bad at doing paperwork, or was trying to push through half-baked mortgages. Because both were named as factors in creating the huge charges which resulted from investors making claims against them. Most of the fees are headed to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, by the way. Had this charge (and a separate $2 billion goodwill charge related to the Countrywide merger) not been there, Bank of America would’ve been profitable in the fourth quarter.

09 Jan 2011 19:56


U.S.: Jared Lee Loughner charged: Gabrielle Giffords shooting update

  • NO the second person of interest wasn’t involved at all source
  • » Other updates: Jared Lee Loughner has been charged with five separate criminal charges, including multiple counts of murder and attempted assassination of a U.S. congresswoman – with evidence in the incident coming from, on top of other sources, surveillance tape. Loughner, by the way, isn’t talking, but he did leave a note on an envelope for investigators scoping out his home: “I planned ahead.” With the envelope was a letter from Giffords in appreciation of Loughner’s visit to a similar 2007 event as the one on Saturday. Oh, and the initial 911 call was released. Whew.

01 Sep 2010 23:47


Politics: Julian Assange: A yo-yo in the Swedish legal system

  • The rape investigation against Assange? Back on. Wikileaks has had a bit of trouble in the past two weeks with this whole Julian Assange thing. As more details have leaked to the press, it’s become clear that there may be something there, though many supporters will debate that fact. But why push rape charges, unpush them and then push them again? It just leads to inconsistency and damages the case in the public eye. source

23 Aug 2010 21:20


World: Wikileaks sex case: Did Julian Assange simply start getting creepy?

  • It is quite wrong that we were afraid of him. He is not violent and I do not feel threatened by him. The responsibility for what happened to me and the other girl lies with a man who had attitude problems with women.
  • One of Julian Assange’s anonymous accusers • Regarding the situation that led to the quickly-rescinded rape charges against the Wikileaks founder. The Guardian cites sources close to one of the women that claim the issue cropped up because Assange disagreed about condom use with the women, not because he was acting in a non-consensual manner. Gawker has named one of the women, but we won’t do the same here. That said, if that’s what happened (instead of a conspiracy, as Wikileaks has claimed), that’s pretty creepy. source

21 Aug 2010 11:43


World: “Dirty Tricks” or the real thing?: Julian Assange’s sex-assault charges

  • We were warned to expect ‘dirty tricks’. Now we have the first one.
  • Julian Assange • Regarding the arrest warrant against him on rape and molestation charges in Sweden. Whether or not this is true, the timing of all this seems awful strange, right? In case you’re wondering whether or not Wikileaks will be able to go on without its fearless leader, this statement should warm your heart: “While Julian is focusing on his defenses and clearing his name, WikiLeaks will be continuing its regular operations,” according to a post on Wikileaks’ Web site. (Update: Actually, it appears to have been dirty tricks. The charges were totally dropped against Assange, making this a hyperspeed false rape accusation.) source