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05 Dec 2011 10:53


World: Julian Assange gets one last change to fight extradition

The Wikileaks leader has 14 days to make his case in front of the British Supreme Court (regarding a single technicality). This is his final lifeline — if this falls through, he heads to Sweden to face sexual assault charges. source

02 Nov 2011 10:27


World: Wikileaks: UK court says Julian Assange can be extradited to Sweden

The leader of Wikileaks has been fighting his extradition (on sexual abuse charges) for roughly a year, and the decision is a major setback. Assange plans appeal to the UK’s highest court. source

30 Oct 2011 21:15


Politics: Politico: Herman Cain accused of inappropriate sexual behavior

  • allegation Today, Herman Cain got grilled by a Politico reporter who asked him about detailed sexual harassment allegations dating back to the 1990s: “Have you ever been accused, sir, in your life of harassment by a woman?”
  • response Cain denied the allegations, then as things got tense and the question was repeated, Cain asked the reporter: “Have you ever been accused of sexual harassment?” Expect this to follow him throughout the week. source

22 Sep 2010 11:06


U.S.: Bishop Eddie Long’s allegations shocking, contradictory

It’s weird when some of the staunchest anti-homosexuality figures are accused of homosexuality. Megachurch leader Bishop Eddie Long could be in huge trouble. source

01 Sep 2010 23:47


Politics: Julian Assange: A yo-yo in the Swedish legal system

  • The rape investigation against Assange? Back on. Wikileaks has had a bit of trouble in the past two weeks with this whole Julian Assange thing. As more details have leaked to the press, it’s become clear that there may be something there, though many supporters will debate that fact. But why push rape charges, unpush them and then push them again? It just leads to inconsistency and damages the case in the public eye. source

19 Aug 2010 21:35


U.S.: That Iowa egg company behind the salmonella outbreak is bad news

  • 380 million tainted eggs is a huge problem for Wright County Egg. But by no means is it the first huge problem the firm has faced. In fact, the DeCoster family, which owns Wright County Egg as part of their larger farming conglomerate, has had a number of legal problems in recent years, including these gems on their permanent record:
  • $2.1Mthe amount founder Austin Jackson DeCoster paid in penalties for immigration violations in 2003
  • $1.5M the amount the company was nicked for sexual harassment allegations (including rape!) by the EEOC back in 2002
  • yes the company has also had to pay fines for animal cruelty at another egg operation in Maine – just this year source

09 Mar 2010 10:19


Politics: Democrats calling Eric Massa’s bucket of crazy a bucket of crazy

  • I think this whole story is ridiculous. I think the latest excuse is silly and ridiculous. We’re focused not on crazy allegations but instead on making this system work for the American people rather than insurance companies.
  • White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs • Regarding the bowl of crazy Rep. Eric Massa alleged as he resigned yesterday. Other Democrats are denying the seeing-Rahm-naked allegations, too. Massa, by the way, will be on Glenn Beck today to defend himself. Get yo popcorn ready! source

23 Oct 2009 18:38


Politics: Obama: Republicans “do what they’re told.” Them’s fighting words!

  • We get the feeling that the summer of socialism allegations has permanently damaged the president’s ability to rise above political name-calling like this. Come on, Obama, don’t stoop to their level! Don’t trash on the GOP!

12 Oct 2009 10:33


World: Afghanistan’s election fraud panel given a seal of disapproval

  • what? One of the two Afghan members of the UN-backed panel looking into Afghan election fraud allegations resigned today.
  • why? The member claimed that foreign panel members had too much influence, calling them “interfering foreigners.” source

17 Sep 2009 09:48


U.S.: Falsified rape allegations shock, then anger Hofstra students

  • Now we hear it’s not real. She is causing herself embarrassment because it’s her first year here. She says all this and it’s not true.
  • Hofstra University student Monique Alvarado • On hearing that a fellow student’s rape allegations were untrue. The unnamed student claimed five men brutally assaulted her in her dorm room – and those men were named and arrested. Alvarado’s words were echoed by fellow student Chris Blue in reference to a Hofstra student who was arrested: “The young man’s life is still going to be ruined. The girl lied about a serious thing.” • source