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17 Sep 2009 09:48


U.S.: Falsified rape allegations shock, then anger Hofstra students

  • Now we hear it’s not real. She is causing herself embarrassment because it’s her first year here. She says all this and it’s not true.
  • Hofstra University student Monique Alvarado • On hearing that a fellow student’s rape allegations were untrue. The unnamed student claimed five men brutally assaulted her in her dorm room – and those men were named and arrested. Alvarado’s words were echoed by fellow student Chris Blue in reference to a Hofstra student who was arrested: “The young man’s life is still going to be ruined. The girl lied about a serious thing.” • source

15 Sep 2009 09:48


U.S.: It wasn’t random: The suspect likely knew the slayed Yale student

  • It happened in a building with very tight security. The discovery of Annie Le’s body in a Yale medical research building narrows down who it could have been. The building required access, meaning that the possible number of people it could have been was very narrow. “Only Yalies had access to that basement, and that seems to point to someone in our community being involved in this,” said Thomas Kaplan, editor-in-chief of the Yale Daily News. “That’s what is so frightening.” source

22 Aug 2009 11:11


U.S.: The latest teacher/student sex case has a payoff angle. Ugh.

  • 15 age of the student Melissa Ann Andreini allegedly had a relationship with
  • $1,500 amount of money the Utah teacher allegedly gave the victim after it was over source

24 May 2009 11:06


Offbeat: Remember Mary Kay LeTourneau? She’s still diggin’ on her student

  • It wouldn’t be funny if it was a situation that was happening right now. But it’s a situation that happened a long time ago, she served her time, now they’re married, they had kids together, and we’re just having fun.
  • Mike Morris • Owner of Fuel Sports Eats and Beats in Seattle, which hosted a “Hot for Teacher” night featuring Mary Kay Letourneau, shamed years ago for having a relationship with her student, and Vili Fualaau, the former student (and current husband) who DJ’ed at the event as DJ Headline. It’s like creepy and awesome at the same time. • source

08 May 2009 11:35


U.S.: Creepy stalker dude kills a Connecticut student, turns self in

  • They had a history Stephen Morgan was charged with the murder of Johanna Justin-Jinich at a Wesleyan University bookstore Wednesday. They knew each other from a taking a class together at New York University in 2007, where he apparently sent her numerous harassing e-mails and phone calls.
  • A threat to students, Jews? Morgan, beyond attacking Justin-Jinich, seemed to raise his ire towards groups that she was associated with – specifically, Jews and Wesleyan students, which raised concern on the campus just as finals were ending. Morgan, however, decided to turn himself in police Thursday night. source

11 Apr 2009 11:10


U.S.: A reporter clashes with the VA over veteran interviews

  • He was forced to hand over his equipment. WTF? David Schultz, a reporter for American University’s WAMU-FM, went to a town hall meeting for minority veterans at a VA hospital in D.C. on Tuesday. But when he asked a patient some questions, a VA public affairs officer told Schultz to stop, claiming the interview was illegal. The officer then got police, who confiscated his equipment. The VA hospital claims that Schultz did not follow proper procedure, but relented and agreed to give back his equipment. source

12 Mar 2009 10:32


World: The German school shooter’s warning, written on the Web

  • Everyone laughs at me. No one recognizes my potential. I mean this seriously. I have got a weapon here and tomorrow I am going to go to my former school and give them hell.
  • Tim Kretschmer • The student who shot up a school in Winnenden, Germany, killing 15. He said this to a friend on the Internet the night before. Most of his victims were female – including eight female classmates and three female teachers. (Update: This information has proven to be false. – Ed.) • source

07 Mar 2009 11:41


U.S.: One middle-school student got twice the creepy love

  • Two teachers at the same school with the same student is a surprise.
  • Lt. Randy Pickett • Of the Bountiful, Utah, police, on a middle-school student who allegedly had sex with two different female teachers at his school. No, it wasn’t at the same time, you sicko. As you might imagine, the whole incident has shocked the system of Bountiful Middle School. Yikes. We’re creeped out already. • source