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18 Mar 2009 22:16


World: What was the German school shooter’s motive? “For fun.”

  • He was preparing himself for the next shooting – that’s what went through my mind.
  • Igor Wolf • The man forced to drive Tim Kretschmer away from the school where he shot numerous students in Germany. Wolf said Kretschmer asked about going to another school. 15 people died in Kretschmer’s attack. Authorities are also looking into involuntary manslaughter charges against Kretschmer’s father. • source

12 Mar 2009 10:32


World: The German school shooter’s warning, written on the Web

  • Everyone laughs at me. No one recognizes my potential. I mean this seriously. I have got a weapon here and tomorrow I am going to go to my former school and give them hell.
  • Tim Kretschmer • The student who shot up a school in Winnenden, Germany, killing 15. He said this to a friend on the Internet the night before. Most of his victims were female – including eight female classmates and three female teachers. (Update: This information has proven to be false. – Ed.) • source

11 Mar 2009 10:06


World: First a shooting in the U.S., now one in Germany

  • 15 dead in a school shooting in Winnenden, Germany source