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30 Mar 2010 21:42


Culture: Stand and remember: Teaching legend Jaime Escalante dies

  • The subject of iconic ’80s flick “Stand and Deliver,” Escalante took his innovative teaching techniques to a rough-and-tumble East L.A. school, and got 14 students to pass a super-tough AP Calculus exam – a feat so incredible the students were accused of cheating. In reality, dude built a math program so amazing that, even though he didn’t get along with the administration, teachers across the country studied his techniques. The Edward James Olmos portrayal was just icing. He died of cancer today at 79. source

22 Aug 2009 11:11


U.S.: The latest teacher/student sex case has a payoff angle. Ugh.

  • 15 age of the student Melissa Ann Andreini allegedly had a relationship with source

03 Jul 2009 11:54


Offbeat: Note to teachers: Don’t mix up classroom memories with sex tapes

  • It goes from my son, straight to her on the couch. My son’s reaction was, ‘Dad, is that Ms. Defanti?’ …We were up till midnight doing the ‘birds and the bees.’
  • “Joe,” a parent who did not wish to be identified further • Describing the awkward situation he was placed in when a video of classroom memories he and his son were watching switched to a sex tape featuring the teacher. The teacher at Jackson Elementary in Elk Grove, Calif., had a lot of ‘splaining to do, but it was unlikely that she would get fired. • source

24 May 2009 11:06


Offbeat: Remember Mary Kay LeTourneau? She’s still diggin’ on her student

  • It wouldn’t be funny if it was a situation that was happening right now. But it’s a situation that happened a long time ago, she served her time, now they’re married, they had kids together, and we’re just having fun.
  • Mike Morris • Owner of Fuel Sports Eats and Beats in Seattle, which hosted a “Hot for Teacher” night featuring Mary Kay Letourneau, shamed years ago for having a relationship with her student, and Vili Fualaau, the former student (and current husband) who DJ’ed at the event as DJ Headline. It’s like creepy and awesome at the same time. • source

26 Apr 2009 21:51


Music, Offbeat: The PS22 Chorus: An “Eye of the Tiger” you can get behind

  • It’s official: This guy playing the guitar is the coolest teacher in the history of awesome. If only we had this teacher, we’d be less pathetic than we are.source