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08 May 2009 11:35


U.S.: Creepy stalker dude kills a Connecticut student, turns self in

  • They had a history Stephen Morgan was charged with the murder of Johanna Justin-Jinich at a Wesleyan University bookstore Wednesday. They knew each other from a taking a class together at New York University in 2007, where he apparently sent her numerous harassing e-mails and phone calls.
  • A threat to students, Jews? Morgan, beyond attacking Justin-Jinich, seemed to raise his ire towards groups that she was associated with – specifically, Jews and Wesleyan students, which raised concern on the campus just as finals were ending. Morgan, however, decided to turn himself in police Thursday night. source

25 Mar 2009 22:46


Culture: Really, who wouldn’t want to stalk Olympian Shawn Johnson?

  • creepy Johnson, who’s 17, a gymnast, and kind of hot, got a creepy visitor at work – “Dancing With the Stars” – recently. A guy 17 years her senior apparently showed up to say haaaaaay.
  • creepier The man, Robert O’Ryan, was stopped by security. He had two loaded guns in his car and now has a brand-new restraining order against him. We imagine Woz gets this all the time, you know. source

04 Feb 2009 10:30


Tech: Google Latitude: A.K.A. social networking for stalkers

Got a mobile phone? And friends? Track their every movement with this handy new tool. source