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21 Dec 2010 10:19


Tech: The Woz on net neutrality: Big telecom screws customers

  • Every time and in every way that the telecommunications careers have had power or control, we the people wind up getting screwed. Every audience that I speak this statement and phrase to bursts into applause.
  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak • Offering up his take on the whole net neutrality battle, an argument he explains in great detail by noting how he, being the inventive guy he is, has run up against the big telecommunications companies multiple times in his life, first with his dial-a-joke service (which he had to stop because the cost proved to be way too expensive), and then, years later, with his nice-guy attempt to wire up his entire neighborhood with free cable access (no, really). The Woz’s main argument in this case? “Local ISP’s should provide connection to the Internet but then it should be treated as though you own those wires and can choose what to do with them when and how you want to,” he writes, “as long as you don’t destruct them.” That’s something that a lot of people can certainly get behind, for sure. source

11 Nov 2010 21:16


Tech: Apple I auctioned: Own a piece of computer history that Woz built

  • Are you the kind of person who doesn’t consider money an object? Did you solder your first computer together from a kit? Did you write your own operating system based on an article you read in BYTE Magazine way back in 1979? Did you parlay your nerdery into the kind of success that someone who is unfamiliar with the work of Raymond Feist could never even dream of? If so, this Christie’s auction is for you. It’s the original Apple I, and the auction starts off at a modest $160,000 – a few bucks more than its original $666.66 price. Have at it, nerd. source

03 Jun 2010 11:16


Tech: Quick analysis: The career trajectories of Apple’s founders

  • jobs, Steve Jobs Dude develops a flair for showy marketing, gets kicked out of his own company, spends a decade in the wilderness, comes back and makes Apple even bigger. Subject of great parody.
  • woz, Steve Woz Helps develop the early computers that are the basis of the company, including the popular Apple II. Then spends about fifteen years riding a Segway everywhere, dating Kathy Griffin and dancing on reality TV.
  • wayne, Ronald Wayne Bet you didn’t know about this guy, eh? Wayne drops his ten percent share of Apple after 12 days because he thinks that it’s gonna flop. Now spends days in casinos as the ultimate “what if?” source

03 Apr 2010 10:30


Tech: Best form of pre-iPad entertainment: Woz doing magic tricks

  • We think this magic trick is kinda fun, but it doesn’t beat the one he pulled when he was dating Kathy Griffin a couple of years ago.

08 Feb 2010 10:28


Biz: Steve Wozniak treats Toyota’s problems like software bugs

  • All these problems should get fixed, but they shouldn’t stop people from buying the Prius. There are bugs in every product.
  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak • Regarding the problems of the Toyota Prius, including the faulty brakes and what he says are accelerator problems when the car is on cruise control. (Up to 97 miles per hour!) Toyota plans to recall 270,000 units of the hybrid in the U.S. and Japan to fix the brake problems. source

16 Jan 2010 12:04


Tech: Unlikely Google Nexus One fan: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

When asked what his favorite gadget was, he responded: “Well, it’s the latest one. It’s a non-Apple product, but it’s a gadget that just came out yesterday.” WTF? source

25 Mar 2009 22:46


Culture: Really, who wouldn’t want to stalk Olympian Shawn Johnson?

  • creepy Johnson, who’s 17, a gymnast, and kind of hot, got a creepy visitor at work – “Dancing With the Stars” – recently. A guy 17 years her senior apparently showed up to say haaaaaay.
  • creepier The man, Robert O’Ryan, was stopped by security. He had two loaded guns in his car and now has a brand-new restraining order against him. We imagine Woz gets this all the time, you know. source

13 Mar 2009 00:52


Culture: The Woz is suffering for his “Dancing With the Stars” art

  • Karina wanted me to drive in cars and not use the Segway. After first opposing this, I came around. I have seen a lot of things to know that I can trust her. I’m glad that I have largely switched to car travel now.
  • Steve Wozniak • On taking a break from using a Segway to travel around everywhere after he fractured his stupid foot while dancing. Oh, and in case you want to vote for his terrible dancing abilities, check out his official Facebook group. • source

10 Mar 2009 10:20


Culture, Politics: Woz danced with the stars, sucked pretty bad

  • In an opening act that was effortful, but, at times, reminiscent of a varicose vein on cocaine, Wozniak chased his professional partner, Karina Smirnoff, around the dance floor and rarely caught a glimpse of her exquisite hem.
  • Chris Matyszczyk • CNet columnist, reviewing Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s performance on “Dancing with the Stars.” The judges didn’t like him either – one judge referred to his dancing abilities being “like a Teletubby going mad.” • source

09 Feb 2009 10:16


Culture: “Dancing With the Stars” thinks Steve Wozniak is a star

The Apple co-founder (and Kathy Griffin ex) will a cut a rug this season. source