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14 May 2010 14:56


Tech: Was Google’s Nexus One online storefront a failure?

  • YES people prefer buying phones in person, not online source

17 Mar 2010 10:41


Tech: Oops. Someone forgot to register “Nexus One” as a trademark

  • The U.S. Patent and trademark Office denied Google’s mark. Seems Google was so busy selling its powerful cell phone online only (and hurting its bottom line) that they forgot to come up with a name that wasn’t registered by someone else. In the case of the Nexus One, Integra Telecom registered a similar name a year before Google released the phone. Google can appeal the decision, pay Integra Telecom money or (our favorite) change the name of the phone. All in all, a lot of fun, undesirable options. source

16 Mar 2010 11:18


Tech: The 74-day rule: iPhone vs. Droid vs. Nexus One

  • 1M number of iPhones that sold in its first 74 days (impressive)
  • 1.05M number of Droids that sold in its first 74 days (even moreso)
  • .135M number of Nexus Ones that sold in its first 74 days (lame) source

02 Mar 2010 10:21


Tech: Apple sues Nexus One maker HTC: Get yo popcorn ready!

  • Oh boy, this could get ugly. HTC, which produces a number of Google Android phones (including the Nexus One) was sued by the iPhone maker for violating 20 Apple patents. “We can sit by and watch competitors steal our patented inventions, or we can do something about it. We’ve decided to do something about it,” noted Steve Jobs. “We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours.” Holy crap. Did you hear that SLAAAAAAAPPPPP? source

20 Feb 2010 12:41


Tech: From MP3 blogs to phone support, Google learns they’re not golden

  • Google isn’t to blame for the DMCA, one of the most spectacularly abused pieces of digital legislation  ever created. But it does seem to be getting more aggressive about DMCA enforcement.
  • Robert X. Cringely • Regarding Google’s year of screw-ups, most publicly with Buzz and Nexus One (Lack of phone support for a mobile phone? LOL!), but specifically in this case with the closure of a number of popular music blogs on its Blogger site, which Cringely notes has been underreported by the media. Which is why we’re doing our part by reporting it here. Many of the sites got no notification before they were straight-up taken off the Internet. “If at this point you’re drawing the conclusion that neither the IFPI nor Google know exactly what they’re doing in these matters, you’re not alone,” says I Rock Cleveland founder Bill Lipold, whose site was taken down based on a handful of broken links. source

09 Feb 2010 10:23


Tech: Google sorta understands the need for Nexus One phone support

  • terrible When Google launched its Nexus One, it forgot to offer something obvious it usually doesn’t offer for its products – live phone support. Users loudly complained.
  • better Google just started offering it, over a month after they launched the freaking phone. About time. It only covers status and shipping issues, though. WTF, guys? source

16 Jan 2010 12:04


Tech: Unlikely Google Nexus One fan: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

When asked what his favorite gadget was, he responded: “Well, it’s the latest one. It’s a non-Apple product, but it’s a gadget that just came out yesterday.” WTF? source

13 Jan 2010 23:03


Tech: Google’s Nexus One is starting to look a little like a debacle

  • sales Despite the massive waves of hype around the phone, it sold just 20,000 units in its first week. That hurts.
  • hype The big problem? It doesn’t have hype. There’s no Droid-like marketing push, which has led to weak sales.
  • reviews The phone has also had some iffy reviews, which have led to a perception that it’s evolutionary, not revolutionary. source

12 Jan 2010 22:24


Tech: Speaking of Google, their sucky tech support is catching up with them

  • They may have been clouded by their own personal experience and way of thinking about how they deal with technology.
  • Forrester Research analyst Charles S. Golvin • Regarding Google’s tech support troubles with the Nexus One. What’s the problem? Well, their support mechanism is designed to be an e-mail based process that takes a couple of days to answer, but people with $529 phones want a lot more than that. As a result, forums are flooded with people complaining about problems with the phone. The lesson for Google? A live person is more useful than an e-mail. Sometimes. Especially with hardware. source

06 Jan 2010 20:10


Tech: A bunch of Dicks annoyed that Google used the “Nexus One” name

  • We feel this is a clear infringement of our intellectual-property rights. … Our legal team is dealing head-on with this.
  • Isa Dick Hackett • Daughter of Phillip K. Dick, on Google’s usage of the name “Nexus One” for their phone. The author used “Nexus-6” androids in his book 1968 “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?,” which was the basis of 1982’s Harrison Ford cult film “Blade Runner.” Did they reference it? Probably. Does the Dick family have a case? No. And that’s why Joss Whedon isn’t suing Google over “Google Wave,” even though they clearly took inspiration from “Firefly.” Enjoy the exposure, Dicks. source