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20 Dec 2011 14:56


Biz: Apple scores court victory against HTC, Android in patent case

  • A bad day for HTC smartphones: While it didn’t represent everything Apple had sought to secure through the legal process, today’s court ruling against HTC struck a blow, and moved along Apple’s bid to prove Google’s Android operating system copied the iPhone. This was, you may remember, a rather intense preoccupation on the part of the late Steve Jobs — the ruling held that some of Android’s data collection software was, in fact, an infringement of Apple’s patent rights, and will cause some HTC phone models to be blocked from sale in the United States starting next year. source

18 Jul 2011 14:59


Tech: Patent lawsuits: HTC feeling the heat after Apple wins ruling

  • 2 Apple patents infringed upon by HTC, a trade commission says source
  • » The judge favors Apple in a key case: This decision might mean that every single Android device violates this patent — and may possibly prevent Android devices from being imported to the U.S. HTC says they can find a way around it, but it will be difficult — it’s not looking good. And, let’s face it — if Apple could get Android phones off the market, they totally freaking would.

25 Oct 2010 20:31


Tech: Google’s Android’s app store: Quickly catching up to Apple

  • 100,000 number of apps in the Android store, a threefold increase since March
  • 300,000number of apps in the iTunes store – they had a huge head start
  • 200knumber of new phones that get activated daily
  • 270knumber of developers working on apps
  • 32countries have paid app sales source
  • » Problems to solve: Many developers make their Android apps for free (and rely on in-app ads to pay the bills) not because they want to make them free, but because the payment process is so convoluted that many people don’t feel like going through it. Also, a major problem that developers have which iPhone developers don’t have to deal with at all is the fracturing of the platform – there are dozens of phones on the market with tiny but important quirks.

02 Oct 2010 03:05


Tech: Android getting targeted by Google enemies, part three

  • one Apple sues HTC over patent issues regarding their Android phones
  • two Oracle sues Google because of Android’s use of the Java platform
  • three Microsoft sues Motorola because they want to follow the leader source

18 Mar 2010 10:26


Tech: HTC isn’t taking that whole Apple lawsuit thing lying down

  • HTC strongly advocates intellectual property protection and will continue to respect other innovators and their technologies as we have always done, but we will continue to embrace competition through our own innovation as a healthy way for consumers to get the best mobile experience possible.
  • HTC Chief Executive Officer Peter Chou • Regarding the lawsuit that Apple filed against it. They’re not backing down, which is probably a good move on their part. If anything, though, Google should figure out a way to help them, seeing as it’s, again, a proxy war. HTC notes that it’s made 50 smartphones since 2002, so they know a thing or two about innovation in the market. source

03 Mar 2010 21:16


Tech: HTC: Apple’s patent lawsuit couldn’t have happened to a nicer company

  • This is what happens in Silicon Valley. When you’re big enough to become a threat, I’ll slap a suit on you sometimes just to slow you down.
  • Yuanta Securities head of Greater China research Gary Chia • Regarding the lawsuit Apple brought against HTC. The Taiwanese company, best-known for making cell phones for Google’s Android software (including the Nexus One), is considered one of the island’s best-managed technology companies. The patent suit could really hurt their profile, which has been rising lately. It’s totally unfair, too, because it’s clearly a proxy war against Google, who is the REAL source of Apple’s patent grief. source

02 Mar 2010 10:21


Tech: Apple sues Nexus One maker HTC: Get yo popcorn ready!

  • Oh boy, this could get ugly. HTC, which produces a number of Google Android phones (including the Nexus One) was sued by the iPhone maker for violating 20 Apple patents. “We can sit by and watch competitors steal our patented inventions, or we can do something about it. We’ve decided to do something about it,” noted Steve Jobs. “We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours.” Holy crap. Did you hear that SLAAAAAAAPPPPP? source

06 Apr 2009 09:31


Tech: T-Mobile’s riding the Google Android gravy train for all it’s worth

  • A new tablet and home phone could be in the cards. The New York Times is reporting that the mobile carrier is stretching the definition of what Android has so far meant to consumers – a single phone, the G1 – and plans to use Android in a seven-inch tablet PC and a home phone setup. They’re not alone; Samsung, HTC and Motorola, along with a host of smaller carriers, have plans to bring Android-based devices (mostly phones) to market soon. source