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15 Jul 2009 10:09


Culture, Tech: Twitter, the game show = Game show, the stupid idea

  • In this choose your own adventure type journey, the players rely partially on the influence and knowledge of their twitter followers and supporters, the strength of their teamwork, and their ambition to advance them from spot to spot … and bringing them one step closer to that final tweet.
  • From a pitch on a Twitter-inspired game show called “FinalTweet” • This game show, BTW, would pit teams of young entrepreneurs against non-profits for the hopes of winning a $100,000 grand prize. Wow… what a stupid idea. WOW. • source

19 Apr 2009 10:51


Culture: Evidence MTV is attempting to give up its vapid ways

  • one “The Buried Life,” with its “100 things I want to do before I die” conceit, will often do charitable things to help deserving people on the path to hijinks.
  • two “T.I.’s Road to Redemption” features everyone’s favorite jailbound rapper trying to help young people not make the same stupid mistakes.
  • three Nick Lachey, star of the extra-vapid “Newlyweds” with ex-wife Jessica Simpson, helps out performing arts kids in his hometown on “Taking the Stage.”
  • wait Hold up – why isn’t one of these “MTV plays music videos again”? Because then we’d care. This just feels like another stop on the road to irrelevance. source

15 Apr 2009 09:57


Culture: Rod Blagojevich has fallen to the depths of celebrity reality TV. LOL.

  • the show Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has agreed to be on the next season of “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here,” which is just hi-larious. The impeached ex-pol stands to make $80,000 a week on the show, but at the cost of any shame or personal integrity he had left.
  • the catch Unfortunately, there may be one thing standing in the way of him making bank on his notoriety. The show tapes in Costa Rica, and he needs to convince the judge presiding over his corruption trial to loosen travel restrictions. For the love of God, judge, please say yes! Pretty please? source

08 Apr 2009 09:46


Culture: Speaking of octet mom Nadya Suleman, she’s going reality TV. Sigh.

  • She wants to find a man! Must like kids. In Touch is reporting that Suleman is in talks to be the topic of what promises to be the worst reality show ever, which combines the tabloid-friendly topics of dating and child care into a cluster&(*% of a television show. And, sadly, you will watch. Because she ticks you off and that’s what makes good TV. source

05 Apr 2009 11:19


Culture: “Bruno” trailer: “You may find this very hard to believe, but I’m gay”

After Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen’s back for more hijinks. This flick currently carries (and might deserve) an NC-17 rating. source

09 Feb 2009 10:16


Culture: “Dancing With the Stars” thinks Steve Wozniak is a star

The Apple co-founder (and Kathy Griffin ex) will a cut a rug this season. source