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27 Sep 2010 11:31


Culture: Octomom yard sale: How desperate has she gotten, anyway?

  • $100 to mug for a photo with her and the kids source
  • $85to buy a fridge that once held her many kids’ formula
  • yesshe also tried to sell an autographed nursing bra

25 Mar 2010 09:42


Culture: Octet Mom Nadya Suleman paid $5,000 for PETA sign

  • Hey, when you’re broke and desperate, these things start to seem like good ideas. Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom, is about to lose her house due to a pending mortgage bill. While PETA’s $5,000 is only a drop in the bucket (the family owes hundreds of thousands of dollars), it’s a very helpful one, because it also includes free veggie food for her family. Here’s something we don’t say often: PETA wins. source

23 Oct 2009 18:31


Politics: Why reality TV-courting families shouldn’t lose their kids

  • The impulse to remove innocent children from their stupid parents simply because their parents are stupid is a strong one. But it sweeps broadly and often irrevocably.
  • Slate columnist Dahlia Lithwick • Describing reasons why stupid parents, such as Octomom and the Balloon Boy-birthing Heenes, should be able to keep their kids. Lithwick argues that this is an extreme case, and the best solution lies somewhere in-between. • source

27 Jul 2009 13:07


Culture, U.S.: Oh dear, Octomom’s reality TV deal is almost a done deal

  • 14 the number of Octomom Nadya Suleman’s kids that will star in the reality show with her
  • $250 the reported amount each kid will earn for every day of filming over three years source

03 Jun 2009 10:36


Culture: Octet mom Nadya Suleman’s reality show is export-only

Suleman’s doing a reality show with her massive band of 14, but it won’t be shown in the U.S. – we’d hate it anyway. source

08 May 2009 11:57


Culture: Octet mom Nadya Suleman won’t be able to have more kids

  • She’s having an operation to have part of her uterus removed. Suleman, who probably has more kids than she knows what to do with already, is having the procedure after doctors found benign fibroids – possibly pre-cancerous – in her uterus. So, those of you waiting for the possibility of Octomom, mark two, it’s not happening. Darn – we were wondering what 22 kids by one mom would be like, too. :( source

08 Apr 2009 09:46


Culture: Speaking of octet mom Nadya Suleman, she’s going reality TV. Sigh.

  • She wants to find a man! Must like kids. In Touch is reporting that Suleman is in talks to be the topic of what promises to be the worst reality show ever, which combines the tabloid-friendly topics of dating and child care into a cluster&(*% of a television show. And, sadly, you will watch. Because she ticks you off and that’s what makes good TV. source

10 Mar 2009 20:28


Culture: Like watching child birth? How about eight at once, say, an octet?

  • There’s a video. TMZ was offered it for sale. The video, which shows the beauty of childbirth more times than you might want to see in one setting, was offered to numerous media outlets, but the agency brokering the deal put a temporary hold on the sale on Friday. Yo Nadya, please leave this treasured moment in the family video collection – we beg of you. source