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30 Jul 2010 11:53


Culture: Drew Carey: “The Price Is Right” no longer has a fat host

Who cares if Bob Barker reportedly thinks he’s a lowsy host? He just lost 80 freaking pounds, and he did it the old-fashioned way: Healthy eating and exercise. source

17 Jul 2010 20:35


Culture: A little too “Right”: How one guy hacked “The Price is Right”

  • Why did Drew Carey have approximately zero energy in this 2008 clip, where one of his “Price is Right” contestants got a Showcase Showdown price exactly right? Well, two reasons: One, he thinks the show’s never going to air, and two, because he thinks the guy who won it, Terry Kniess, is cheating. In truth, he wasn’t cheating – he just spent months watching the show very closely, like fellow game show hacker Michael Larson (awesomely) did with “Press Your Luck” in the early 1980s, and noticed that they kept repeating the same items (and prices). Kneiss’ spectacular win forced the show to change the way they did their prizes. source

20 Feb 2010 12:40


Culture: “Our Little Genius” isn’t nearly as smart as he looks

  • Word on the street is that this highly-promoted Fox game show, “Our Little Genius,” never made it to air because of an FCC complaint about the show. Apparently, the kids were getting fed answers to make them seem a lot smarter, which is totally not cool. More than anything, though, we’re sad that Kevin Pollack lost another gig. source

16 Nov 2009 21:47


Culture: Adam Sandler on his deceased “Remote Control” cohort, Ken Ober

  • Ken Ober was one of the sharpest, quickest, sweetest guys I ever met. He was always a great friend and I will miss him very much.
  • Adam Sandler • Speaking of the death of Ken Ober, who he worked closely with for five seasons on early MTV non-music foray “Remote Control.” Ober didn’t gain the fame that his co-stars – which also included Denis Leary and Colin Quinn – bathed in after the show ended its run. But he did build a solid career as a producer after his game-show-hosting career ended. And this, friends, is why we should give “Downtown” Julie Brown and Adam Curry a call. You never know when you’ll miss your chance. • source

23 Aug 2009 12:13


Culture: Awesome: Snoop Dogg goes on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”

  • Fo shizzle, ma nizzle, he’s playing for charity. Here’s Snoop Dogg with Regis Philbin doing his “Millionaire” thing last week. Because he’s awesome.

15 Jul 2009 10:09


Culture, Tech: Twitter, the game show = Game show, the stupid idea

  • In this choose your own adventure type journey, the players rely partially on the influence and knowledge of their twitter followers and supporters, the strength of their teamwork, and their ambition to advance them from spot to spot … and bringing them one step closer to that final tweet.
  • From a pitch on a Twitter-inspired game show called “FinalTweet” • This game show, BTW, would pit teams of young entrepreneurs against non-profits for the hopes of winning a $100,000 grand prize. Wow… what a stupid idea. WOW. • source

27 Jan 2009 11:20


Culture: A: The “Jeopardy!” online test. Q: What are my plans tonight?

  • You could have a shot at fame and fortune. The producers of “Jeopardy!” have set up an online trivia test for tonight, tomorrow or Thursday, based on your time zone. It’s the first step to seeing if you’re good enough to give answers in the form of questions in front of a live studio audience. If you get on the show, tell Alex you liked him better with a ’stache. source