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16 Feb 2011 16:08


Tech: This week in tempting fate: computers can now win Jeopardy

  • Meet our now-dormant overlord: Have you heard about this? This “Watson” guy is tearing up these two Jeopardy champions. With no hands to press the buzzer, to boot! source

19 Oct 2009 22:36


Culture: “Jeopardy” fail: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar airballs easy question

  • Kareem is so convinced that he’s the answer to the question that it takes him a few seconds to realize he answered “Who is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?” when the question was really “Who is Bill Walton?” Dude needs to learn his NBA history.

17 Sep 2009 20:32


Culture: Who’s better at Jeopardy, Wolf Blitzer or Andy Richter? (Andy, duh)

  • This says more about the state of journalism than anything else could. A comedian just beat the crap out of a guy who regularly tackles heady issues on CNN. Great. Way to make our profession look good, Wolf. And way to rock it, Andy.

27 Jan 2009 11:20


Culture: A: The “Jeopardy!” online test. Q: What are my plans tonight?

  • You could have a shot at fame and fortune. The producers of “Jeopardy!” have set up an online trivia test for tonight, tomorrow or Thursday, based on your time zone. It’s the first step to seeing if you’re good enough to give answers in the form of questions in front of a live studio audience. If you get on the show, tell Alex you liked him better with a ’stache. source