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28 Apr 2010 23:16


Politics: Two purposely awful Photoshops on the Charlie Crist situation

  • We tried to make these Photoshops extra awful… bad cutouts, obvious cliches, the whole bit. We’re pretty sure the Kanye shades aren’t even cut out all the way! But let’s face it. The Florida governor has better taste in wolf shirts than Panda Bear. Marco Rubio may have youth and momentum going in his direction, but Charlie Crist has the indie vote. source

14 Apr 2010 22:21


Politics: In Florida, bizarro hippies are suing over the movement’s name

  • Who are the real bizarro hippies, anyway? In December, just after the election that will prove whether or not the movement actually has steam, different strains of Florida hippies will find themselves in a courtroom debating if anyone has ownership of the the name. After lawyer Fred O’Neal registered the name for a political party, it became a big issue, especially after he and his partner Doug Guetzloe started strong-arming fellow groups not to use the name. Those fighting against O’Neal and Guetzloe claim they aren’t “real” bizarro hippies. Do they have tests for this? source

10 Apr 2010 19:19


Politics: Contract With America: Let’s call tea partiers “bizarro hippies”

  • Last night, a reader of ours made an astute observation. The Tea Party movement is doing a lot of damage to the memory of the old-school Boston Tea Party, which defined the start of our country. And it’s gonna be tough to wipe the movement away from the history. So, here’s our Contract With America. Let’s call the Tea Party Movement the “bizarro hippie movement.”
  • why? Because, much like the protest movement of the late 1960s, bizarro hippies meet up en masse, drive around crazy buses and rage about politics. Except the exact, bizarro opposite.
  • usage Use it as a non-proper noun. Example of usage: “Did you hear those bizarro hippies talking about slaying the Porkulus at Perkins the other day? One was wearing a ‘Palin 2012’ hat.”
  • next? From this post forward, ShortFormBlog will only call the Tea Party Movement by this name. We feel that our name is a better fit that best represents the movement’s historical context.

15 Mar 2010 20:16


Biz: It’s official: The runaway Prius incident is a complete media circus

Look at that runaway Toyota Prius fly! It’s like going so fast it’s not gonna stop! Press down on that brake! Oh. It stopped. Would you look at that? source

08 Mar 2010 21:09


Politics: How awkward is it “to have a political argument with a naked man?”

  • Eric Massa has reportedly seen Rahm Emanuel naked. It’s a good thing this video doesn’t have any video in it, because it would probably be disturbing to watch. Anyway, Massa, a New York congressman who left office today under the weight of an ethics scandal involving a male staffer he made sexual comments to, decided to let ‘er rip on a radio show, calling Obama’s Chief of Staff the “son of the devil spawn.” Speaking of our boy Rahm, this New York Times profile piece on the dude looks incredibly entertaining.

02 Feb 2010 09:47


Culture: Trapped in an NYT elevator: NBC’s Ann Curry. Please send tweets

The NBC anchor managed to top the news-gathering process of her network (and the New York Times) by tweeting and shooting grainy video the whole time. source

14 Jan 2010 12:30


Offbeat: Arrest us: We currently have our “Pants on the Ground”

  • This is the greatest viral video by a crazy guy ever created. We would argue it’s the greatest viral video ever created, but we don’t want to build it up too quickly. It has everything. Even a very good dose of late-era “American Idol.”

09 Jan 2010 15:41


Culture: “Jersey Shore” makeover: Michael Cera makes a pretty good guido

  • The Task: Turn Michael Cera – Canada’s greatest nerd export – into a Guido. The solution: Loads of hair gel, lots of bronzing, and the cast of “Jersey Shore.” The result: The greatest thing Michael Cera’s done since “Arrested Development.” Yeah, we called it.

17 Dec 2009 10:42


Politics: Sarah Palin’s yammering on about some silly hat incident

  • I am so sorry if people took this silly incident the wrong way. I adore John McCain, support him 100 percent and will do everything I can to support his reelection. As everyone knows, I was honored and proud to run with him. And Todd and I were with him in D.C. just a week ago. So much for trying to be incognito.
  • Sarah Palin • Yammering about how her decision to wear a hat with a covered-up McCain ’08 logo wasn’t a slight on her former running mate. That’s the great thing about Sarah – her life turns into a vapid media slideshow when she isn’t even trying. source

02 Dec 2009 10:41