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18 Nov 2010 10:35


Culture: Simon Cowell has a secret admirer … and it’s Sarah Palin

In Palin’s new book, ” America by Heart,” she gushes about how Cowell is “almost alone in his willingness to tell hard truths.” We wonder what he’d say about her. source

22 Sep 2010 21:31


Culture: New American Idol judges the same two everyone expected

Question: Who looks older, the actually-old Steven Tyler or Jennifer Lopez wearing that Celine Dionish onesie? source

14 Sep 2010 23:37


Culture: Jennifer Lopez on “American Idol”: She’s gonna make bank

  • $12 million deal for being bubbly and offering non-opinions source

19 Aug 2010 11:21


Culture: Steven Tyler as “Idol” judge: This oughta be a huge failure

It’s official (according to Aerosmith’s bassist); Tyler will replace Simon Cowell in the judge’s chair. Could you imagine him being a good judge? Seriously? source

30 Jul 2010 02:23


Culture: Is “American Idol” looking to hitch a wagon on J-Lo? Maybe

  • And apparently Steven Tyler is in talks, too. With the somewhat surprising news tonight that Ellen DeGeneres was a one-and-done judge for “American Idol” come reports that Jennifer Lopez is in a position to take her spot. While it’s still early, something tells us that she’s probably a good fit for such a role – she’s essentially Paula Abdul minus a decade right now. As for the possibility that Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is the other dude, uh … did you guys consider Ben Folds? If not, you should take a look. source

29 Jul 2010 21:03


26 May 2010 11:21


Culture: We’re confining all comments about “American Idol” in this post

  • We don’t care about the end of “American Idol.” We ESPECIALLY don’t care about Simon Cowell leaving the series. So if you care about stupid things like that, feel free to see the bajillions of tweets going through this post. But we won’t be listening. Maybe if one of the contestants sang Deerhunter.

15 Jan 2010 09:18


Culture: “Pants on the Ground”: Should “American Idol” ditch age limits?

  • We think we understand why ‘American Idol,’ which dedicates itself to discovering new talent, would impose this restriction. But is the show being unfair to prospective contestants, or even shooting itself in the foot?
  • New York Times culture writer Dave Itzkoff • Suggesting “American Idol” has hurt itself with the age limit restriction. Beyond General Larry Platt, the 63-year-old “Pants on the Ground” supergenius (who has a killer backstory), it’s worth noting that “Britain’s Got Talent” star Susan Boyle has sold WAY more records than any recent “Idol” winner, and she’s 48. Maybe that’s why Simon Cowell is leaving – “The X Factor” doesn’t have an arbitrary age restriction that lends itself to a cookie-cutter effect. source

15 Jan 2010 09:08


Offbeat: Someone already managed to doucheify “Pants on the Ground”

  • Protip: If you sound anything remotely like Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson when you play guitar, your fingers should be webbed together using Crazy Glue so you can’t share your “gift’ with the world. Don’t ruin the greatest song ever, dude.

14 Jan 2010 12:30


Offbeat: Arrest us: We currently have our “Pants on the Ground”

  • This is the greatest viral video by a crazy guy ever created. We would argue it’s the greatest viral video ever created, but we don’t want to build it up too quickly. It has everything. Even a very good dose of late-era “American Idol.”