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25 Oct 2011 00:04


U.S.: Occupy Chicago: Nurses union protests controversial Grant Park arrests

  • cause Early Sunday, police arrested two members of National Nurses United who cared for protesters at Occupy Chicago, in the process ignoring Grant Park’s closing time of 11 pm. They were among 100 people arrested.
  • reaction After getting out of jail on Monday morning, the nurses were joined by more than two dozen fellow union members outside of Mayor Emanuel’s office on the fifth floor of Chicago’s City Hall, causing a bit of an emotional scene. source
  • » Hiding a story from the media? The nurses arrested suggest that police were trying to hide an awkward scene from the cameras. “We were among the last protesters released, for no good reason that we can tell, except for they clearly knew when the media cameras had left,” said Jan Rodolfo, the Midwest director for NNU. “We were tearful and exhausted and shell shocked.” Rodolfo was among those arrested; her court date has been set for November 15.

24 May 2011 15:58


Politics: Trial of the Century: Blagojevich may testify in his own defense

  • Big day for Blago? The Chicago Tribune is reporting that “sources” indicate disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich may take the stand to testify in his own defense. We forgive you if you’re skeptical, as we heard repeated proclamations from the man himself that he would testify in his last trial, only for his defense to rest without his name being called. Now in his retrial, will Blagojevich give the public what they want? His defense team has also implied they might call some high-profile witnesses from the political world, among them Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. source

23 Mar 2011 22:41


Politics: Who’s afraid of Rahm Emanuel? Not Bart Stupak!

  • Rahm [Emanuel] doesn’t scream and shout at me, ’cause he knows better. I’ll just tell him to go to Hell and move on.
  • Bart Stupak • Reflecting on the passage of health care reform last year, and his dealings with Obama’s old right hand man. The former congressman from Michigan says that he is “proud to have voted for [health care reform],” despite still getting “accosted” by the law’s detractors. source

22 Feb 2011 21:25


U.S.: The Rahminator is DA GUY in Chicago: Rahm wins Mayoral race

  • $12M shoved into the race by Rahm’s campaign – way more than anyone else
  • 86% of precincts counted in today’s vote so far (so, like almost all of them)
  • 55% Rahm’s share of the vote, which means he faces no runoff source

29 Jan 2011 01:15


U.S.: Anyone want some Rahm-less Chicago mayoral ballots?

  • There are reportedly 280,000 of these things that got printed off between Monday (when an appeals court said Rahm Emanuel wasn’t eligible to run for Chicago mayor) and Tuesday (when the Illinois Supreme court stepped in), lacking Rahm Emanuel’s presidentially-boosted name, and now they’re going to have to find something to do with them. Our suggestion? Turn them into mulch for Rahm to bury his opponents’ electoral chances in. Oh yeah, why did these idiots start printing out these ballots on the day of the decision to appeal? Everyone with a brain could tell this case was going to go to the Illinois Supreme Court. A huge waste of taxpayer money. source

27 Jan 2011 19:04


U.S.: Does Rahm Emanuel get to stay on the Chicago mayoral ballot?

  • YES so step off Rahm-en Boy’s back, hataz source

25 Jan 2011 13:44


U.S.: Rahm stays alive as Illinois Supreme Court grants a stay

  • one year The amount of time that Rahm Emanuel had to live in Chicago to qualify for the mayoral ballot, which Monday an Appellate Court ruled he’d failed to do.
  • one day The amount of time that it took for the Illinois Supreme Court to grant Emanuel’s request for a stay, ordering that his name be put back on the ballot. source
  • » Rahm isn’t out of the woods just yet: Illinois’ highest court issued the stay in light of the Emanuel campaign’s pending appeal, but they haven’t yet decided whether to hear his case. If they do, his lawyers will have to convince seven justices to overturn the Appellate ruling. That said, as the Board of Election Commissioners are about to begin printing the ballots for early voting (which starts Monday), this is a critical success for Emanuel’s mayoral ambitions.

24 Jan 2011 20:49


Politics: Will the Illinois Supreme Court take Rahm Emanuel’s case?

  • I don’t think anybody really expected that result. And I don’t know that it will hold up once it goes to the Illinois Supreme Court.
  • Northwestern University law professor (and former Illinois State Senator) Dawn Clark Netsch • Explaining why she feels that the decision to disallow Rahm to run for mayor of Chicaco Chicago (sorry) was a bad one and will likely get overturned. Not everyone feels that way, but the decision did come as a bit of a surprise to everyone involved. It sucks to be Rahm right now – even if he can succeed at getting this decision overturned (the Illinois Supreme Court doesn’t exactly pull itself out of the crypt for any loser’s appeal), it’s quite possible that his name may not be on a bunch of ballots. Uh-oh. source

24 Jan 2011 13:52


U.S.: Emanuel’s Chicago mayoral candidacy struck down by court

  • NO Rahm Emanuel is not eligible to run for mayor of Chicago source
  • » What happened: A state appeals court ruled that while Rahm owned property in Chicago for the requisite amount of time necessary (one year), he wasn’t actually living there, and thus is ineligible for the election. In a world in which rivals sometimes accuse each other of being “carpet-baggers,” it probably stings to have an official ruling saying so.

18 Jan 2011 20:38


Politics: Rahm Emanuel wins award for “biggest guest star in mayoral race”

Doesn’t matter who the other guy brought to his pep rally in Chicago. RAHM BROUGHT SLICK WILLY! Rahm wins the PR battle. (Unless the other guy brings Obama.) But will he win the election? source