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11 Jun 2010 01:29


Tech: Google’s real problem with their background images: No balance

Why did everyone hate Google putting background images on their site yesterday? Because, unlike Bing, they grafted the idea onto the old design (poorly). source

27 May 2010 22:16


Culture: “Sex and the City 2” on the fast track to winning lots of Razzies

  • » The lesson to take from this: Don’t make comedies in deserts. It never works. The cast of Ishtar knows this fact all too well, guys.

28 Apr 2010 23:16


Politics: Two purposely awful Photoshops on the Charlie Crist situation

  • We tried to make these Photoshops extra awful… bad cutouts, obvious cliches, the whole bit. We’re pretty sure the Kanye shades aren’t even cut out all the way! But let’s face it. The Florida governor has better taste in wolf shirts than Panda Bear. Marco Rubio may have youth and momentum going in his direction, but Charlie Crist has the indie vote. source

10 Apr 2010 13:56


World: Now it’s deadly: The Thai protests turn a dark, dark corner

  • 12+ number of people killed
    in the conflict between Thai
    protesters and security
  • 500+ number of people injured,
    which is way more than we
    reported earlier

09 Apr 2010 16:29


Music: Was that Robert Pattinson/Kurt Cobain story untrue?

  • YES just proves never to trust
    The Sun, guys source

06 Jan 2010 11:56


Culture: KFC’s Aussie branch treads fine line between chicken and racism

  • Bad advertising idea No. 1: “Stuck in a situation where you’re surrounded by black/West Indian people? Just offer them chicken and everything will be OK!” KFC, as you might guess, is getting a firestorm of controversy for this Australian ad. Ouch. source

20 Dec 2009 11:31


Offbeat: Ben & Arthur: The worst film we’ve ever seen. God, it’s bad.

  • Next time you watch a film and claim it’s the worst ever, don’t forget “Ben & Arthur.” Shot on an almost nonexistent budget with actors who have nonexistent acting abilities, this piece of gay-themed cinema (which, by the way, plays the “gay” card a bit too heavyhandedly and in hilarious ways) holds a spot in the Top 10 of IMDB’s Bottom 100 – and deservedly so. Sam Mraovich, the director and main actor, is largely at fault for the awfulness. Fortunately, it’s the kind of awful you can laugh at. So laugh, guys, laugh. source

23 Nov 2009 11:08


Offbeat: The worst version of national anthem we’ve ever heard in our lives

  • Oh, say, can you fix our speakers (and eardrums) after being forced to listen to this godawful rendition of the National Anthem? This goes beyond being bad and into a realm of violence against the listener.

08 Nov 2009 11:45


U.S.: How a 9-year-old prevented his mom’s car from getting jacked

  • normal A lady left her kids in the car when she went to the store. She left the keys in the ignition.
  • bad A random guy decided to attempt to steal the vehicle – with the kids still inside the car!
  • great A super-brave 9-year-old took the keys and fought back. He got punched in the face. source

12 Oct 2009 20:17


Tech: Don’t shut it off! T-Mobile’s massive Sidekick nightmare

The Sidekick problem is so bad that T-Mobile isn’t currently selling them. Oh, and they have 800,000 pissed-off customers. source