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17 Jul 2010 03:25


U.S.: We’re hiding from the arrest-happy feds because we bilked Medicare

  • $251M was reportedly bilked by these major fakers
  • 94 people have been charged with the crimes
  • 36 are in custody; 58 are still being sought source

22 Jan 2010 16:53


Offbeat: Grand theft auto suspect has a pretty meta taste in video games

  • When police found him, he was playing “Grand Theft Auto.” Michael Ray Ekes likes stealing cars just as much as the next video game fan. Problem is, he’s suspected of doing it in real life. Police arrested Ekes, who was already out on bail for grand theft auto charges, after he was suspected of stealing another car. What can you say? The dude likes stealing cars. source

08 Nov 2009 11:45


U.S.: How a 9-year-old prevented his mom’s car from getting jacked

  • normal A lady left her kids in the car when she went to the store. She left the keys in the ignition.
  • bad A random guy decided to attempt to steal the vehicle – with the kids still inside the car!
  • great A super-brave 9-year-old took the keys and fought back. He got punched in the face. source

17 Aug 2009 22:13


Biz, Tech: Albert Gonzalez probably has your credit card number

  • 130 million numbers were stolen by him and two Russians source

24 May 2009 11:43


Biz, U.S.: Another sign of economic decline: Cattle-rustlin’ is on the rise

  • 6,404 cows were rustled in Texas recently source

20 Apr 2009 10:49


Offbeat: This waiter is a regular Frank Abagnale. Catch him if you can.

  • $186 collected in tips by the fake waiter. Genius. source

15 Feb 2009 09:09


Offbeat, U.S.: Utah got bilked by a Nigerian scam. Wait, what?

  • $2.5 million was stolen from the Utah treasury. Oof. source