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22 Jul 2010 10:37


U.S.: Barefoot Bandit slightly more lonely, messed up than rest of us

Colton Harris-Moore’s life started bad, with lots of fighting with his mom, and then it got weird. He spent a lot of time alone. He stole planes. Lots of them. source

08 Oct 2009 09:59


U.S.: Don’t know the “barefoot burglar”? He’s becoming legendary.

  • 3 planes may have been stolen by the 18-year-old enigma source

20 Apr 2009 10:49


Offbeat: This waiter is a regular Frank Abagnale. Catch him if you can.

  • $186 collected in tips by the fake waiter. Genius. source

07 Mar 2009 11:29


Offbeat: This thief likes gum a little too much

  • $500 worth of Orbit gum stolen in Conn. Chewy. source