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16 Dec 2011 21:39


U.S.: “Barefoot Bandit” Colton Harris-Moore gets time in prison, shoes

  • 7 years in prison for a bizarre, lengthy, name-building crime spree source
  • » At least he got a movie deal, right? Over two years and a reign of terror that stemmed from an extremely poor childhood, Colton Harris-Moore built a reputation as a folk hero who stole food, broke into vacation homes, taught himself how to fly … and for the kicker, stole planes. The Washington resident’s run from the law ended in the Bahamas, where he crashed a plane into a swamp and was arrested in a gunfire-heavy scene. His sentence was fairly weak, considering the circumstances. “I can see why people are sympathetic to him,” Island County, Wash. Prosecutor Greg Banks, who was content with the verdict, said. “It’s still a significant amount of time for someone who’s never been in the adult system.” Sounds like it’ll make a great movie.

22 Jul 2010 10:37


U.S.: Barefoot Bandit slightly more lonely, messed up than rest of us

Colton Harris-Moore’s life started bad, with lots of fighting with his mom, and then it got weird. He spent a lot of time alone. He stole planes. Lots of them. source

15 Aug 2009 12:15


World: Ana, the season’s first tropical storm, is floating in the Atlantic

  • 40 mph winds have been recorded from the Bahama-bound storm source