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21 Oct 2011 00:14


Culture: Bad ideas: Five things parents probably shouldn’t do with their kids

  • We figure some of our readers have to have kids at this point, right? Have a young child that you’re looking to take care of? Making some stupid mistakes along the way, without realizing it? CNN’s got you covered — they threw together this list of ways to ensure your children are safe — a bunch of stuff that most parents normally tend to do without thinking about it. Do you catch yourself doing any of this?
  • one Moving their kid to a bigger car seat too soon. Not so fast, pediatricians say. Fish gotta swim, kids gotta grow.
  • two Letting their baby sleep in a swing. Though the motion lulls them asleep, they may not get enough oxygen in that position.
  • three Making them watch educational videos. Babies under two years old can’t even understand them at all yet.
  • four Putting the babies on their stomachs when sleeping — a SIDS rick. Just give them “tummy time” during the day instead.
  • five Microwaving their babies’ bottles. The bottles may be made with BPA — or could get too hot to handle. Yikes. source

24 Jul 2009 10:41


Biz, U.S.: The big question with minimum wage: Is now really the time?

  • Arguments for Much as with any wage increase, the biggest argument for is workers whose wage hasn’t kept up with the economic climate. The thinking, of course, is that if they get higher wages, they can afford a better lifestyle.
  • Arguments against Much as with any wage increase, the biggest argument against is the fact that the economy – specifically employers can’t support the wage increase. With high unemployment nationwide, this rings truer now than ever.
  • Who the law forgotThe tip slave – whose livelihood is largely based on how much you jerks tip her for your Monte Cristo and fries – still only makes $2.13 an hour before tips. Now, tips can be a nice racket, but that’s a damn shame. source

20 Apr 2009 10:49


Offbeat: This waiter is a regular Frank Abagnale. Catch him if you can.

  • $186 collected in tips by the fake waiter. Genius. source

09 Jan 2009 23:46


Offbeat: This pizzeria owner really knows how to hook up his workers

  • 10% amount in tips that the Flying Pie in Boise, Idaho saved over a 13-year period so that they could take their staff on a trip
  • 62 current and former employees get to go on a week-long trip to to Costa Rica; the restaurant will close for a week source