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02 Jun 2011 15:08


Politics: Piper Palin would prefer a media-free family vacation

  • Thanks for ruining our vacation.
  • Piper Palin (daughter of Sarah, age 9) • Making a comment to a photographer during Sarah Palin’s massive bus tour. This strikes a rather awkward contrast, because media attention is precisely the intended effect of this tour as far as Mama Palin is concerned. (Seriously, did she not tell her what was going on?!?) Though we hope it’s obvious, we’ll strenuously make it clear that this isn’t intended as yukking it up at the expense of a young, innocent girl — we frankly can’t imagine what it would be like growing up in such a publicly prominent family, and one that does have its share of disgusting things written about it on the internet. There is something very emotionally evocative, rather, at the thought that the media attention which is basically the lifeblood of Sarah Palin’s career, political or otherwise, seems to be rankling her daughter, who just wants a nice vacation. source

22 Aug 2010 00:43


Politics: Hey, Obama vacation critics: Here’s a humbling number for you

  • 48 the number of days Obama has spent on vacation during his presidency; he’s getting lots of criticism
  • 115 the number of vacation days George W. Bush had taken at this point in his presidency source

15 Aug 2010 09:58


Politics: Protip to Michelle Obama: Never go to Spain again, OK?

  • 64% the first lady’s approval rating in June 2009, when she was loved
  • 50% her approval rating this week, after her glitzy trip to Spain source

14 Aug 2010 12:47


U.S.: Why Obama vacationing in the Gulf Coast is actually good PR

  • $34
    the amount the Gulf Coast made from tourism in 2008, which created 400,000 jobs
  • $22.7 billion the amount the Gulf could lose due to the spill taking a bite out of tourism (hence Obama’s vacation) source

16 Jul 2010 11:12


Politics: As Obama begins his vacation in Maine today, three things

  • one You got financial reform through both Houses, ready to sign, but nobody knows what it is.
  • two You’re polling at some of the lowest levels of your presidency right now, so don’t get too comfy.
  • three The oil spill is at a very critical juncture, so you better be ready to get back down there. source

08 Jul 2010 14:13


About: On vacation: Here’s a postcard we picked up on the way

  • This is the image we found when we did a Google Images search for “Vacation Postcard Grand Rapids.” Even though it’s 100 percent inaccurate (Grand Rapids is in Michigan), we’re gonna run with it. We’re taking the next four days off. Back Monday night. In case you miss us guys a little much, check out our newest AOL News article about Queen Elizabeth’s money problems. Which also has nothing to do with Oklahoma. source

19 Mar 2010 18:12


About: We’re taking a break for a couple of days. Be back soon.

  • We love you guys, but we need a break. We’ve been posting on ShortFormBlog for over a year straight. The last day we missed was Feb. 2, 2009. And well, we have a good flow. But for purposes of our own mental health, we’re taking a break starting tonight, lasting until tomorrow, likely to be broken Sunday morning (something about a health care vote) and unbroken until Monday. We love you guys, but we think our posting quality will go up after a day or two off. (thanks Columbusneon for the image) source
  • Edit: We plan on posting today (Sunday, March 21) about nothing BUT health care. Everything else (including Ben Folds doing Chatroulette, which is hilarious) is off-limits today.

30 Dec 2009 21:55


Culture: Rush Limbaugh rushed to the hospital with chest pains

  • The uber-conservative icon was vacationing in Hawaii. Much like Obama and Nancy Pelosi, Rush Limbaugh decided to stay in the sun during the holidays. He was golfing earlier this week. But after a bout with chest pains, he was taken to the hospital today. We’ll keep you posted on our favorite blowhard’s condition. source
  • Update (2:16 a.m.): Our boy is resting comfortably. Also, some liberals on Twitter are being complete douchebags tonight. If you follow this site at all, you know it skews a little left, but at least tries to give both sides a fair shake. Hoping someone you don’t like dies is just awful. Stop it – you’re better than that, kids. *hand slap*

27 Aug 2009 20:45


U.S.: Obama’s vacation got screwed up, so he’s taking another one

  • Dammit, Ted. Ted Kennedy’s death has put a damper in Obama’s plans to chill at Martha’s Vineyard for a few days and then get back to work. So, Obama’s trying to rush in some R&R, head up to Boston for Kennedy’s funeral tomorrow night, go back to D.C. on Sunday, and … head to Camp David on Wednesday. How did Barack Obama spend his summer vacation? Having to work, then immediately taking another one to make up for lost relaxation. source

27 Aug 2009 10:07


Biz: New AIG CEO Robert Benmosche: It’s a WORKING vacation!

  • People criticize me for being on vacation. I actually started work a week before I was actually supposed to. I do have conference calls every day, I have all my information sent here. I can work here as well as in the office in New York.
  • New AIG CEO Robert Benmosche • On his working vacation, which began only a few days after he took on the title of head guy of America’s Favorite Company. (Previously, he headed MetLife, the country’s largest insurer.) So, where did he chose to go? Sunny, beautiful Croatia. Quick, bail him out! • source