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02 Jun 2011 15:08


Politics: Piper Palin would prefer a media-free family vacation

  • Thanks for ruining our vacation.
  • Piper Palin (daughter of Sarah, age 9) • Making a comment to a photographer during Sarah Palin’s massive bus tour. This strikes a rather awkward contrast, because media attention is precisely the intended effect of this tour as far as Mama Palin is concerned. (Seriously, did she not tell her what was going on?!?) Though we hope it’s obvious, we’ll strenuously make it clear that this isn’t intended as yukking it up at the expense of a young, innocent girl — we frankly can’t imagine what it would be like growing up in such a publicly prominent family, and one that does have its share of disgusting things written about it on the internet. There is something very emotionally evocative, rather, at the thought that the media attention which is basically the lifeblood of Sarah Palin’s career, political or otherwise, seems to be rankling her daughter, who just wants a nice vacation. source

23 Feb 2010 10:25


World: Don’t eat the shrimp: Caribbean cruise has collective stomach bug

  • 327 number of people, out of 1,838 total passengers, who had their vacations collectively ruined
  • 27 number of crew members, out of 849 total, who got seasick on the apparent cruise from hell source

27 Aug 2009 20:45


U.S.: Obama’s vacation got screwed up, so he’s taking another one

  • Dammit, Ted. Ted Kennedy’s death has put a damper in Obama’s plans to chill at Martha’s Vineyard for a few days and then get back to work. So, Obama’s trying to rush in some R&R, head up to Boston for Kennedy’s funeral tomorrow night, go back to D.C. on Sunday, and … head to Camp David on Wednesday. How did Barack Obama spend his summer vacation? Having to work, then immediately taking another one to make up for lost relaxation. source

03 Mar 2009 20:46


U.S.: Where does Gary Condit stand in the Levy case?

  • Everyone was thinking that Gary was involved in something that he was not a part of and it was horrible. It has always followed him, followed our family.
  • Jean Condit • Gary’s mom, on how the case ruined his life. Condit was forced to make a living in real estate in Arizona after the glare of the spotlight hit, and is not ready to talk about the case. Understandably. It ruined his life. • source