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31 May 2011 17:23


World: Smokers of the world, quit! Today is “World No Tobacco Day”

  • Never a bad time: The new, concerning report on cell phone use isn’t the only place you’ll hear the word “carcinogenic” being used today; May 31st is World No Tobacco Day, a cause that could probably benefit from a slightly less clunky title. The World Health Organization estimates that some 6 million people die each year from tobacco-related illness. Anti-smoking measures within the U.S. have blossomed over the last decade, with smoking bans in public places, restaurants, and bars becoming more and more prevalent across the states — check here for a list of smoking bans applicable in your area. source

28 Jun 2010 21:36


U.S.: Oil spill: A lot of people (especially workers) are getting sick

  • 162 cases of illness due to the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster
  • 128 are oil rig workers or assisting in the spill’s cleanup source
  • » What did they get? The most common illnesses were things like throat irritation, shortness of breath, cough, eye irritation, nausea and headaches – considering all the oil around, this seems totally understandable.

22 Jun 2010 10:44


U.S.: “Eat fresh” questionable slogan for Subway in salmonella outbreak

  • 97 people sickened from an Illinois outbreak; no deaths yet source

05 May 2010 20:31


World: Spam your condolences: Nigeria’s president dies after long illness

The soft-spoken Nigerian president, Umaru Yar’Adua, went missing from the public eye for nearly six months before his death due to health issues. source

17 Mar 2010 22:06


Tech: Your iPhone probably made some Chinese factory worker sick

  • It would be good for the people who use those phones so happily to consider the sacrifice we made.
  • A 21-year-old former factory worker • Talking about the hell that she and others have been through personally because of poor conditions at a factory which she worked, which specialized in Apple and Nokia phones. The factory was using a toxic chemical, n-hexane, a fast-drying cleaning solvent which they didn’t have the proper permits to use and made the workers gradually sick. First it was nothing, then they felt tired, then their fingers went weak, then they fainted. The thousand-screen-a-day quota added up. Some have had to stay in a hospital for eight months. Holy crap. source

11 Mar 2010 09:50


Culture: Does Corey Feldman think Corey Haim died of a drug overdose?

  • NO and Haim’s agent doesn’t
    think so, either source

23 Feb 2010 10:25


World: Don’t eat the shrimp: Caribbean cruise has collective stomach bug

  • 327 number of people, out of 1,838 total passengers, who had their vacations collectively ruined
  • 27 number of crew members, out of 849 total, who got seasick on the apparent cruise from hell source

02 Feb 2010 12:07


16 Jan 2010 11:20


Biz: Scary: Lots of big-name drugs getting recalled over “moldy smell”

  • 54M number of packages of over-the-counter drugs that are getting recalled due to a  strange “moldy smell”
  • 27 number of brands – including Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl and Rolaids – that are getting recalled
  • 70 people have gotten sick as a result of the smell, which causes nausea, vomiting, and other ailments source

25 Oct 2009 10:58


Music: We’re pulling for you, Morrissey! The dude collapsed onstage.

We hate it when our friends become unconscious. The former Smiths singer collapsed almost immediately onstage. He’s hospitalized in stable condition. source