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17 Mar 2010 22:06


Tech: Your iPhone probably made some Chinese factory worker sick

  • It would be good for the people who use those phones so happily to consider the sacrifice we made.
  • A 21-year-old former factory worker • Talking about the hell that she and others have been through personally because of poor conditions at a factory which she worked, which specialized in Apple and Nokia phones. The factory was using a toxic chemical, n-hexane, a fast-drying cleaning solvent which they didn’t have the proper permits to use and made the workers gradually sick. First it was nothing, then they felt tired, then their fingers went weak, then they fainted. The thousand-screen-a-day quota added up. Some have had to stay in a hospital for eight months. Holy crap. source

25 Aug 2009 21:34


Offbeat: The KFC Double Down: Did the cost of bread go up?

KFC Double Down
  • Chicken as buns. Why, KFC? Why? There’s nothing separating the KFC Double Down’s meat from your body. No extra layer of bread. No lettuce. No tomato. And the cheese and “Colonel’s Special Sauce” (the visual images that conjures up … shudder) only help you digest the chicken (the “buns”) and bacon faster. It’s an Atkins dieter’s dream food. To top it off, make sure you order it with a hearty glass of KFC Bacon Grease. source

09 Jul 2009 23:03


U.S.: Dumping graves to sell the plots ranks pretty high on the soulless list

  • I don’t even know what to tell you about the heartbreaking stories that I’ve been hearing from people, crying hysterically that they’re going through the burial for the second time today.
  • Cook County, Ill. Sheriff Tom Dart • On the effect the excavation of 300 grave sites (for the purpose of reselling the plots) is having on families of the deceased. Four people were arrested for the scheme, which happened at a historic black cemetery in Alsip, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. If you think what he’s saying is bad, just consider the harsh words the families of those affected by the dumping. • source